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Why Song of Solomon Is Key to the Great Commission
Working effectively for Christ requires intimacy with him.
Small Groups Can Be Safe Havens for Sexual Assault VictimsSubscriber Access Only
Three ways to encourage healthy sharing and listening in these settings.
Let the Foster and Adopted Children Come to Me
Families of vulnerable children often feel unwelcome in their own churches. Here are five ways to change that.
The Bunker Is My Refuge and Strength
What living next to a doomsday prepper taught me about loving my neighbor.
Your Childhood Wounds May Be Hurting Your Marriage
Lessons from attachment theory on building secure and trusting intimacy.
3 Disaster Myths That Only Compound the Devastation
The biggest threat facing churches isn’t a disaster event—it’s how we think about disasters.
How I Leverage My Autism for Pastoral Ministry
My life-changing diagnosis forced me to learn myself—and my ministry role—all over again.
Kyle Idleman: God Never Wastes What We Go ThroughSubscriber Access Only
Helping people experience grace and embracing confession in pastoral ministry.
6 Leadership Lessons I've Learned from Millennials
As I'm learning from Millennials, I'm finding hope for the future.
The Leadership Strength of VulnerabilitySubscriber Access Only
In a moment of defenselessness, my husband became a great leader.
5 Steps to Take After Saying Something Stupid In Public
Mistakes should be acknowledged and fixed if possible. But don’t use it as a stick to beat yourself up.
You Are Not My EnemySubscriber Access Only
How a mantra I learned at a marriage retreat guides my leadership.
Why an Unfriendly Small Church Is Worse than an Unfriendly Big Church
Walking into a small church for the first time can be an act of great vulnerability.
Campaign Issues Then and Now
Certain themes keep coming up, millennia after millennia.
Thank You, Pastor
Church leaders get a lot of criticism. So I want to express my appreciation.
Standing While SlainSubscriber Access Only
Resilience in ministry requires being open to hurt, for ourselves and for those we care for.
Bossy Women and the Bride of ChristSubscriber Access Only
How the world’s ways of leadership have seeped into the church—but not in the way you might expect.
‘I Have No Right to Be Here’Subscriber Access Only
… just might be a sign that you’re called to ministry.
When a Leader Doesn’t Know She’s a Leader
How to develop and encourage the emerging leaders around you
Great Leaders Know How to Handle Their Emotions
But that probably doesn’t mean what you think.
Top Story May 23, 2019
Strangers in the Land of Startups
Strangers in the Land of Startups
A US missions agency is changing the way Spain’s tech hub engages its influx of migrants.
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