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The Road Ahead: 10 Characteristics of a Future Church Planter, Part 2
Here are five more key changes we must make if we want to see movement.
Why Minority Churches Matter in the Multiethnic Church Discussion
Minority churches can't be decimated in the name of building multiethnic churches.
Is There Value in Your Work?
Martin Luther believed that God works through our work.
Collaboration: Is It Time?
Every Tribe Every Nation has found that collective impact is the key to further God's kingdom.
One-on-One with Greg Stier on Dare 2 Share LIVE
“If teenagers share their faith consistently over the short term, they’re more likely to keep their faith over the long term.”
Church Planting Series: How Can Your Church Get Involved in Church Planting?
While planning is key, there are a variety of imaginative ways to begin.
Church Planting Series: Why Don’t We Plant?
In this first of five articles, I want to shed some light on what may be hindering us from kingdom work.
Our Modern Ephesian Moment
Four markers of meaningful ethnic belonging in multiethnic congregations.
We’re Not from Here
In the same way Dorothy longs for Kansas, the Church longs for the New Jerusalem.
One-on-One with Gary Nelson on the Decline of Christendom
“The church needs to re-introduce itself as a place, as a possibility, and as a neighborhood impact, as opposed to a place people ‘attend’ or ‘go’.”
Partisan Evangelicals and the Burning of the Mission Field
When Christians opt for political power, the gospel mission is undermined.
8 Simple (but not easy) Rules for Movement: Part 8 - Continually Celebrate Kingdom Advance
Celebration is the best medicine against the lethargy of discouragement.
8 Simple (but Not Easy) Rules for Movement: Part 3 - Making and Multiplying Kingdom Disciples
Multiplication is what Jesus’ people do.
We Want Straightforward Answers. God Gives Us Mysteries.
Jen Pollock Michel traces the paradoxical shape of Christian truth.
A New Normal: Kingdom Collaboration on Our Campuses Like Never Before
The EveryCampus coalition indicates we may be nearing a revival.
What the Kingdom of God Is Like
The kingdom was central to Jesus’ teaching, but it can be divisive for his followers.
How Secularity Will Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom
Religious pluralism has provided space for the Gospel to be heard.
Confronting the Toxic Power in Me
High-profile stories of fallen pastors can distract us from ourselves or hold up a mirror to our souls.
Slay the Beast of Ambition before It Slays YouSubscriber Access Only
3 ministry proverbs to quell competition and cultivate humility.
The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Strategic Placement
Small churches may be the most overlooked, under-appreciated and underutilized asset on earth. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.
Andrew Peterson: Creativity Isn’t Just for ‘Creatives’
Andrew Peterson: Creativity Isn’t Just for ‘Creatives’
Artists and storytellers cultivate beauty and mystery. So do teachers, parents, and church potluck planners.
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