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Joni Eareckson Tada: Why Suicide Is Everybody’s Business
Society’s moral resolve hinges on the interdependence of the sick and the well.
It’s Official: Trump Turns HHS from Pro-Life Antagonist to Advocate
Department of Health and Human Services reverses Obama-era policies on Planned Parenthood funding.
New HHS Division Defends Pro-Life Health Care Workers
Under Trump, federal policy keeps shifting away from abortion rights in favor of religious conscience protections.
When the Gift of Intelligence Becomes the Burden of Alzheimer’sSubscriber Access Only
The strength of human intellect also makes it fragile.
The Promise and Failure of AntibioticsSubscriber Access Only
How the church can play a key role in better stewardship of antibacterial medicine and avert a global health crisis.
God Made Our Brains to Need Others
Both science and Scripture invite us to share our suffering.
‘Pakistan’s Mother Teresa’ Honored with Historic Funeral
Medical missionary who helped curb leprosy outbreak is first Christian woman to receive such honor from Muslim government.
The Beginning of Dementia Isn’t the End of GraceSubscriber Access Only
How the church can come to the aid of sufferers and their loved ones.
Hope for America’s Opioid Epidemic Is Grace in a Syringe
Why addiction ministry can include fellowship, the gospel and Narcan.
Pew: What Christians Worry About Most
How five religious groups rank seven bad scenarios.
Supreme Court Saves Christian Hospitals from Crushing Pension Payments
Unanimous victory for religiously affiliated health care groups will affect 100 lawsuits.
Trump Continues Contraceptive Fight; Sanders Defends Pro-Life Democrats
The political lines on abortion blurred (a bit) this week.
Bearing Burdens After ObamacareSubscriber Access Only
The future of Christian health care sharing.
This Unpaid Pensions Case Could Crush Christian HospitalsSubscriber Access Only
Supreme Court will decide if religious organizations qualify for IRS church exemption.
Una doctora de cuidados intensivos se encuentra con el gran médico
Me sentí distante de Dios hasta que fui testigo de un milagro médico.
A Critical Care Surgeon Meets the Great Physician
I felt distant from God until I witnessed a medical miracle.
In the Image of Our ChoosingSubscriber Access Only
In a new era of genetics, where’s the line between healing and enhancement?
Bearing Burdens After Obamacare: The Future of Christian Healthcare SharingSubscriber Access Only
The Affordable Care Act put Christian insurance alternatives on the map. What happens to them when it goes away?
God Wants You to Get Some SleepSubscriber Access Only
Our restless generation is missing out on the spiritual benefits of shuteye.
An Ancient Christian Vision for Modern MedicineSubscriber Access Only
Meet the Denver doctor on a hilarious, heartfelt search for the healing ingredient in health care.
Top Story April 20, 2019
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
Why ‘Being Christian Without the Church’ Fails the Good Friday Test
According to the gospel of John, the cross casts us into community.
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