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Are You Close to God? Your Answer Affects How You Read ScriptureSubscriber Access Only
A new study suggests that both men and women who seek spiritual intimacy view the Bible more literally.
The Church Doesn’t Get Men. Can It Learn from Non-Christians Who Do?
What congregations can glean from the secular thought leaders men flock to.
Guy-Friendly Candles
8 Reasons to Stop Saying ‘Men’ When We Mean Everyone
Church is the only place in our culture where we still use male pronouns when we’re referring to both genders.
Keys to Preventing AdulterySubscriber Access Only
Resisting sexual temptation involves taking practical steps and caring for your soul.
Malestrom: Manhood Swept into the Currents of a Changing World
A Book Review
Honoring Fathers When Many Aren’t HonorableSubscriber Access Only
Beware the generalities when preaching on Father’s Day.
Thank You, Mark DriscollSubscriber Access Only
The former preacher has his faults, but let’s not forget the good he did.
My Strange Life as a Pastor's WifeSubscriber Access Only
The unexpected blessings of a role I never wanted.
Looking for LionsSubscriber Access Only
An Interview with Sam and John Eldredge
Why Avoid Talking about Gender?
It’s more important than our discomfort
Engaging Women and Men in Worship
A balanced approach to planning
Sharing the StageSubscriber Access Only
A husband and wife reflect on the challenges and rewards of pastoring together.
The Mars and Venus Church StaffSubscriber Access Only
A field guide to navigating gender sensitivities.
Male Bonding
Confidence Is Key When You Work with All Men
Or any men, for that matter.
The Painted MenSubscriber Access Only
The church can be a place for the life rituals we need but don't have.
Friday Five Interview: Rachel Held EvansSubscriber Access Only
Can egalitarians and complementarians get along? We asked a prominent author and blogger.
Friday Five Interview: D.A. CarsonSubscriber Access Only
What's ahead for the The Gospel Coalition and the "Young, Restless, Reformed" movement?
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
I Was a Violent Klansman Who Deserved to Die
Yet at the height of my segregationist fervor, God showed me mercy.
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