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God Made Our Brains to Need Others
Both science and Scripture invite us to share our suffering.
1 in 3 Protestant Churchgoers Personally Affected by Suicide
Survey also finds one-third of victims were attending church before their death, but few pastors knew of their struggle.
How Churches Can Partner with Outside Counselors
It’s about supplementing, not replacing, pastoral care.
When Your Spouse Is Mentally Ill
My husband’s schizoaffective disorder devastated our family. Here’s what I’ve learned in the years since he was first diagnosed.
'To the Bone' Is Big on Anorexia and Lean on HealingSubscriber Access Only
The new Netflix film seems more aspirational than instructional.
How I Leverage My Autism for Pastoral Ministry
My life-changing diagnosis forced me to learn myself—and my ministry role—all over again.
Starving Myself Meant Losing MyselfSubscriber Access Only
For years, I looked at myself in mirrors only to see mirages.
Why Are Our Children So Anxious?
Unpacking the reasons behind childhood and adolescent anxiety—and the hope we find in the gospel.
5 Lies Pastors are Tempted to Tell – And How to Resist Them
No one wants bad news. So we're tempted to downplay the negatives, up-sell the positives and call it faith.
How to Stay Healthy While Pastoring an Unhealthy Church
Hurting churches hurt people. Including pastors who try to help them. Here are 9 principles to help you stay strong.
The Road to Emotional Health
How transforming your unhealthy interior transforms your leadership.
What I Needed From the Church During My Depression
3 ways our communities can support mental health.
Developing an Emotionally Healthy Church
Assess and address the spiritual health and maturity in yourself, your leaders, and your congregation
Depression or Spiritual Warfare: What if It’s Both?
Psychologist Eric Johnson on how Christians should make sense of mental illness and demonic possession.
My Depression Is Not Wasted
What Gillian Marchenko learned when mental illness mixed with ministry
The Christian Struggle with Mental Illness
Mental illness is not a subject Christians should run from.
The Weight of Stress in Ministry
Women are three times as likely to experience depression.
Christian Counseling in LimboSubscriber Access Only
Allegations against Mercy Multiplied reveal the range of faith-based approaches to mental health.
Top 10 Resources for Mental Health Ministry
Books, websites, organizations, and people who can help you help those with mental illness and their families.
How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned
How Norine Brunson Prayed When Her Husband Was Imprisoned
Brunson describes the spiritual habits that helped her face persecution in Turkey.
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