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Violence Isn’t the Only Threat to Evangelism in Nigeria
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos discusses the gospel's endurance through intense persecution and casual indifference.
The Female Martyrs’ #MeToo Message
What happened when early Christian women took a stand.
The Pastor's Currency Is Influence
Are you spending it wisely?
How to Transform Ministry Disappointment into Hope
What you are doing matters, even when fruit appears to be scarce.
Why Moral Failure Happens When Ministry Is Going Great
7 characteristics of success that can lead to adultery.
Diminish the Power of Negative Circumstances
Take control of your circumstances by changing your mindset.
When God’s Mercy Sounds Like Bad NewsSubscriber Access Only
The patience of the Lord can be a heavy burden.
Slay the Beast of Ambition before It Slays YouSubscriber Access Only
3 ministry proverbs to quell competition and cultivate humility.
The Astonishing Power of Small Churches: Three Reasons We’ve Missed This
The stubborn, historical persistence of small churches is something God has done without our noticing it, and in spite of the fact that many of us have fought against it.
If It’s Okay for a Church to Be Small, Why Do I Feel So Bad When It Is?
For all my hard-working, prayerful, wise, loving peers who woke up on yet another Monday morning wondering “what am I doing wrong?”
Remembering Their ChainsSubscriber Access Only
6 Practical Ways to Support the Global Persecuted Church
Make a Difference for the Kingdom
Whether or not your name eventually appears in history books, we’re all called to do our part.
When It’s Time to Quit
“Finish what you start” isn’t always good advice.
Christians Can't Help Abiding in ChristSubscriber Access Only
If we are in Jesus, we will stay connected to him.
Eric Snyder: The Battle is the Lord'sSubscriber Access Only
Learning to rely on God in economic times of struggle in the workplace.
Standing While SlainSubscriber Access Only
Resilience in ministry requires being open to hurt, for ourselves and for those we care for.
Friend MeSubscriber Access Only
How your personal network sustains ministry health for both you and your church.
Pour It OutSubscriber Access Only
God doesn't intend pastors to burn out. There's a better way.
The Day I Hit the Wall
A simple question led to a life-defining collapse.
Beyond Fight or Flight: $1 Million Reveals How Christians Cope with Persecution in 30 CountriesSubscriber Access Only
Under Caesar's Sword conference in Rome explores strategies in 100 beleaguered communities.
Top Story March 25, 2019
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts.
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