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Good Works Not EnoughSubscriber Access Only
Latest papal document urges Roman Catholics to win souls.
Bush Discusses Iraq and AIDS With Pope in First MeetingSubscriber Access Only
At Easter message, Benedict XVI had lamented, "nothing positive comes out of Iraq."
Benedict XVI Tests Brazil's Religious ClimateSubscriber Access Only
Also: Bishops clarify Mugabe statements, a priest-imam soccer game is cancelled, the spanking debate resumes, and more.
Can We Dialogue with Islam?Subscriber Access Only
What 38 Muslim scholars said to the pope in a little-known open letter.
Riding the Pope's CoattailsSubscriber Access Only
Protestants hope to share in the benefits of Turkey trip.
Does Islam Need a Luther or a Pope?Subscriber Access Only
American pundits debate whether centralized religious authority restrains violence.
Super-Mega Weblog: Thousands of Articles, One StorySubscriber Access Only
Actually, there are dozens of interesting religion stories beyond the Pope Benedict and Islam conflict, including a worship ban in libraries, All Saints's ongoing fight with the IRS, Kerry's remarkable religion speech, and a fall TV preview.
Indonesia's Death QuotaSubscriber Access Only
Advocates question motive for executing Christians.
A Cartoonish Response to Benedict's SpeechSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Booted broadcasters boo TBN, chaplain prayer battles, the new State Department religious freedom report, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Straight Talk from the Pope on the Biotech CenturySubscriber Access Only
The "anti-Genesis" of those who play God, and why the biotech business needs to take ethics seriously.
Why the Pope Didn't Mention NetanyaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: John Roberts's church, British patient loses right-to-food case, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Promise of Benedict XVISubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals can be glad that the new pope is not likely to be a mere caretaker.
Ratzinger's New 'Impossible Job'Subscriber Access Only
What the new pope believes about the papacy, and whether he might change it.
Anselm, Pope Benedict XVI, and UsSubscriber Access Only
Why the medieval theologian is as contemporary as ever—and a blessing to evangelicals.
Upright But No Panzer PopeSubscriber Access Only
Why he was chosen—and why he's no narrow-minded blockhead.
Conservative Evangelicals Say New Pope Speaks Their Moral LanguageSubscriber Access Only
"He's going to hold the line," says Norm Geisler.
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, a German, Is Pope Benedict XVISubscriber Access Only
"Simple and humble worker" had served as head of the Vatican office on church doctrine.
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
James K. A. Smith accompanies the church father on a journey through the human heart.
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