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What Missionaries Can Teach Us in Post-Christian America
Three things American Christians can glean from our brothers and sisters on international missions.
How Cultural Attachments of Yesterday Diminish Our Effectiveness Today
Evangelism in a postmodern context is predicated on listening well.
Jonathan Merritt Wants to Reboot Religious Language for the 21st Century
But his method of restoring “sacred words” to our common vocabulary runs the risk of redefining them.
The Sin of Tolerance
An example of Billy Graham's fiery preaching in the 1950s.
Died: George Lindbeck, Father of Postliberal Theology
Nature of Doctrine author was a “missionary to postmodernity.”
Many Practicing Christians Agree with Marxism (and Other Competing Worldviews)Subscriber Access Only
Barna also examines the influence of postmodernism, secularism, and ‘new spirituality’ in the pews.
The Calling | 37 min
How to Be Faithfully Creative in a Post-Christian World
According to Mike Cosper, we can still strike a balance between fearless art and steadfast witness.
Glennon Doyle Melton's Gospel of Self-FulfillmentSubscriber Access Only
Why living your truth bravely isn't enough.
What Tim Keller Does BestSubscriber Access Only
A review of Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism.
Farewell, Cultural ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
How a changing landscape can strengthen our witness.
Digging For TruthSubscriber Access Only
Josh McDowell on the Bible's truthworthiness, the internet, and the future of the church
The Difference between 'Platform' and Pastoral LeadershipSubscriber Access Only
Australia pastor Mark Sayers says influence has to be about more than book sales and retweets.
Is Gospel Amnesia Creating a Third Great Schism?Subscriber Access Only
Andrew Walker and Robin Parry seek wisdom from the Christian past to heal modern-day church divisions.
Together, Without GodSubscriber Access Only
New atheist communities look a lot like church.
How to Draw Millennials to your Women's MinistrySubscriber Access Only
You must understand the younger generation—and make some changes—if you want them to get involved.
Stop Blaming 'The Culture' for Our Distorted View of GodSubscriber Access Only
David Wells misses the deeper problem with modern-day spirituality
Auditing America's Political IntegritySubscriber Access Only
The IRS scandal, Benghazi incidents, and the disappointment of dishonorable leadership.
A Faith Worth DefendingSubscriber Access Only
Claims of a married Jesus reinforce the need for apologetics.
Discipling Emerging AdultsSubscriber Access Only
Lead and encourage young adults to spiritual growth and leadership.
Intergenerational Outreach: Come Together for Effective MinistrySubscriber Access Only
Equip and energize everyone in your church for evangelism and outreach.
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
At least for us. But for God, nothing is impossible.
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