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The Gospel in ContextsSubscriber Access Only
Religious and secular audiences require very different approaches.
Six Reasons Young People Leave the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Barna President David Kinnaman examines the trend.
Rethinking FaithSubscriber Access Only
An interview with David Kinnaman
Faith that SticksSubscriber Access Only
Intergenerational connections and parental involvement give kids a faith that lasts beyond high school.
Rx for Spiritual A.D.D.Subscriber Access Only
Interview with Richard Foster
Common Grace and Amazing Grace: A Review of David Brooks's 'The Social Animal'Subscriber Access Only
Brooks's portrait of human flourishing lacks the essential elements of rescue and redemption.
A Sensory RevelationSubscriber Access Only
Terrence Malick wants his films to capture the magic, wonder, and mystery of the universe.
The Seven Levels of LyingSubscriber Access Only
We lie more than we think. And that's part of the problem.
Why We Love Amish RomancesSubscriber Access Only
In our brave, liberated new world, more American evangelical readers are seeking freedom in the Old Order.
The Discerning Seller: LifeWay to Drop Warning LabelsSubscriber Access Only
The "Read with Discernment" program listed popular authors as "strictly for critical study or research."
How to Teach SexSubscriber Access Only
Seven realities that Christians in every congregation need to know.
The Enduring ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Believers in every age worry about the collapse of the faith.
Heresy Is Heresy, Not the Litmus Test of Gospel PreachingSubscriber Access Only
It's time to put aside this abused "badge of honor."
The Gospel of Steve JobsSubscriber Access Only
The Apple CEO was able to articulate a perfectly secular form of hope.
Flunking Pew's Pop QuizSubscriber Access Only
Good thing the Last Judgment is not a round of Final Jeopardy!
Marriage: Marginalized in the MiddleSubscriber Access Only
The American retreat from marriage is moving into the heart of the social order: the middle class.
The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
More than in previous generations, 20- and 30- somethings are abandoning the faith. Why?
Catalyst Day Two: Spectacle and RestorationSubscriber Access Only
Reflections from Atlanta and Gabe Lyons.
The ReformerSubscriber Access Only
How Al Mohler transformed a seminary, helped change a denomination, and challenges a secular culture.
Faith UnboundSubscriber Access Only
Why spirituality is sexy but religion is not.
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
A Sixth-Generation Mormon Meets a Born-Again Christian
He asked me how I knew my faith was true. I couldn’t give a compelling answer.
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