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Culturally Focusing on the FamilySubscriber Access Only
How hipster evangelicals have fallen into the same consumerist traps as their parents.
Culture in an Age of ConsumptionSubscriber Access Only
Why evangelical hipsters may be the best example of James Davison Hunter's 'faithful presence.'
Marilynne Robinson Takes on Bad Science WritersSubscriber Access Only
The novelist wades into the religion-and-science debate with 'Absence of Mind.'
The Tricky H-WordSubscriber Access Only
Or, how to be a truly ironic hipster.
Hipster FaithSubscriber Access Only
To remain relevant, many evangelical pastors are following the lead of hipster trendsetters. So what happens when 'cool' meets Christ?
Ayn Rand: Goddess of the Great RecessionSubscriber Access Only
Why Christians should be wary of the late pop philosopher and her disciples.
Q & A: Anne Rice on Following Christ Without ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
The tipping points behind the novelist's departure from the institutional church, and why she still reads D.A. Carson, Craig Keener, and N.T. Wright instead of 'Twilight.'
The Lost Art of CommitmentSubscriber Access Only
Why we're afraid of it, and why we shouldn't be.
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Peter Singer's Swan SongSubscriber Access Only
Bioethicist asks: 'Why don't we make ourselves the last generation on earth?'
A Family Affair Subscriber Access Only
What would the church look like if it put we before me?
Faithful Presence Is Not QuietismSubscriber Access Only
James Davison Hunter responds to Chuck Colson and Andy Crouch.
More than Faithful PresenceSubscriber Access Only
Charles Colson responds to James Davison Hunter's 'To Change the World'.
Hunter and I Agree on Culture Making (He Just Seems Not to Know It)Subscriber Access Only
Andy Crouch responds to James Davison Hunter's 'To Change the World'.
Faithful PresenceSubscriber Access Only
James Davison Hunter says our strategies to transform culture are ineffective, and the goal itself is misguided.
Between Traditional and EmergingSubscriber Access Only
Finding a third way.
The Mind Under GraceSubscriber Access Only
Why a heady dose of doctrine is crucial to spiritual formation.
'We're All Theologians'Subscriber Access Only
But is it the best or worst of times for doctrine?
Emerging vs. TraditionalSubscriber Access Only
In Deep Church, Jim Belcher says it doesn't have to be either-or.
Still the Way, the Truth, and the LifeSubscriber Access Only
More people than ever doubt that anyone has a corner on truth. So why do Christians keep insisting on the incomparable uniqueness of Christ?
Christ at the CenterSubscriber Access Only
Michael Horton says we need to once again let our lives and churches be driven by the gospel.
My Journey from Castro to Christ
My Journey from Castro to Christ
After fleeing Cuba, my family was barely surviving. Then a California church gave us a new lease on life.
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