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20 Truths from ‘The Purpose Path’
“Purpose is not what we do but why we exist.”
How to Discover God’s Vision for Your Community
There are three questions must be answered in order to discover God’s unique assignment for your ministry.
This Year, Rediscover The “Why?” Behind Your Church’s Christmas Traditions
Asking “why?” can help a church infuse their Christmas celebrations with greater hope, joy, mission and purpose.
Feed the Flock
A food-service ministry can be a great way to reach people.
What to Do When Ministry Jobs Are Scarce
3 ways to protect yourself from unexpected unemployment.
Hillsong Church Doesn't Sing “Shout To The Lord” Anymore? Good For Them
Instead of hitting the replay button, Hillsong is staying true to their mandate and pressing forward. This is something we can all learn from.
10 Essentials for a Successful Outdoor Event
Don’t let weather, logistics, or Egyptian plagues keep you from taking your service outside.
People Aren't Projects
...and other lessons I learned as a rural pastor.
Celebs from Michael Phelps to Kim Kardashian Want a Purpose-Driven LifeSubscriber Access Only
The bestseller's buzz has not died down 15 years later.
How to Grow a Big Unhealthy Church (Or a Healthy One of Any Size)
Churches stay unhealthy when we drive for greater numbers at the expense of greater health. Whatever size they may be.
Why No One Cares About Your Mission Statement – And Neither Should You
The only real hope that a church will follow through on their mission statement is when it’s based on what the church is already doing.
Why We Need Churches of All Types – And All Sizes
It's important to learn from other churches without becoming a cookie-cutter copy of them.
Your Church Is Big Enough
No matter what size your church is, you can do everything Jesus is calling you to do. And you can do it well.
AJ Sherrill: Sacred OrdinarinessSubscriber Access Only
The ministry of reconciliation is not just for the elite.
Kate Harris: Cultivating AttentivenessSubscriber Access Only
Learning to see the heart of God in our work.
AJ Sherrill: The Importance of ImaginationSubscriber Access Only
The church should empower curiosity and foster imagination...but does it?
AJ Sherrill: The Eucharist and VocationSubscriber Access Only
The Eucharist may happen on Sunday, but it calls and equips us for Monday.
Kate Harris: The Greatness of GodSubscriber Access Only
Why the greatness of God is essential to navigating and enduring the toil of work.
Tom Nelson: What the World Needs Now Is Jobs Sweet JobsSubscriber Access Only
Work itself is changing and jobs matter.
Tom Nelson: The Good SamaritanSubscriber Access Only
Neighborly love requires Christlike compassion and financial capacity.
Top Story May 25, 2019
Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?
Can We Finally Break the Silence Around Tamar?
Telling the uncomfortable story of “desolate” Tamar positions us to show a kind of compassion King David didn’t.
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