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Good News in Rural America: There’s More to the Story than Poverty and Disappointment
Jesus is alive and active in rural America.
America’s Hidden Mission Field: Why We Need Rural Churches
Some rural churches are struggling, but many still have a lot left to give.
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 3)
Christians belong in the space of need and desperation because we carry a message of hope that is vitally needed in those contexts.
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 2)
In reality, rural America is in a perilous position — perhaps in greater danger of decay and decline than many cities.
Reaching and Revitalizing Rural America: Overcoming Misconceptions, and Answering the Call (Part 1)
To paint any people with a broad brush is not to see them for who they truly are.
One-on-One with Karl Vaters on ‘Small Church Essentials’
Instead of striving for church growth, I encourage churches and pastors to work on increasing their capacity for effective ministry.
One-on-One with Glenn Daman on ‘The Forgotten Church’
The presence of the rural church is critical if the gospel is to make an impact in the community.
Taking the Measure of Trump Country
A writer and a scholar attempt sympathetic portrayals of the president’s rural supporters, but their sympathy only extends so far.
Getting Small Churches on Mission (Part 4)
More ways small churches can serve their communities
A Small Rural Church Is Hard to Kill
A Texas Baptist pastor on the risk and resilience of America’s smallest congregations.
The Rural Church: A Special House of Prayer
An excerpt from "God’s Country."
People Aren't Projects
...and other lessons I learned as a rural pastor.
John Perkins: I Wish I Had Done More to Help Poor White People
An excerpt from ‘Dream with Me: Race, Love, and the Struggle We Must Win.’
I Overlooked the Rural Poor—Then Trump Came AlongSubscriber Access Only
This election has urban evangelicals paying more attention to the plight of small-town America.
Where the White Working Class Went WrongSubscriber Access Only
J. D. Vance loves his 'hillbilly' tribe—yet hates what they’ve become.
Overcoming the Old DivideSubscriber Access Only
When loving your neighbor means loving the church.
Smarter Rural Ministry
Your cultural assumptions will affect your effectiveness.
All God’s Children: The Spiritual Cost of Opportunity InequalitySubscriber Access Only
Christians help bridge the gap by making the local church really local.
Bluegrass ChurchSubscriber Access Only
How an unlikely church plant thrived by embracing Appalachian culture.
Serving God in Today's Cities
I recently interviewed Dean Merrill about his new book with Patrick Johnstone.
Reading The Jesus Storybook Bible in Iceland
Reading The Jesus Storybook Bible in Iceland
In the world’s most bookish country, evangelicals are taking up the ministry of translation.
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