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Stepping Back Before Speaking Out
In solitude, we turn our face toward God who so loves this world.
Your Digital Life, Hidden with Christ
Serving the God ‘who sees in secret’ in a world where there's pressure to post everything.
Why Public Intellectuals Need Their Ivory Towers
Ta-Nehisi Coates’s departure from 'The Atlantic' reflects a growing crisis: Our digital age inhibits reliable and enduring insight.
Our January/February Issue: Fighting FOMOSubscriber Access Only
How fear of missing out fuels our overextended lives, and why the South Pole holds clues to the solution.
Lord of the NightSubscriber Access Only
In God there is no darkness, but in the darkness of the South Pole I found God everywhere.
Our Silence Is Music to God’s EarsSubscriber Access Only
The most joyful noise God desires from us may be none at all.
Give Your Kids the Gift of Absence
Time and attention are not the only ways to bless our children.
The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up
How do you connect with God in a society of perpetual noise and busyness?
The Lonely Small Church Pastor: Breaking the Cycle
The smaller the church, the more likely the pastor is doing most ministry alone. But there is hope.
The Habit of Keeping Divine Company
A warning against the overcrowded life
Seeing God with Us
It helps to know how to look.
The Spiritual Blessings of Seeking SolitudeSubscriber Access Only
An excerpt from 'A Beautiful Disaster: Finding Hope in the Midst of Brokenness.'
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Keeping Your Leaders FreshSubscriber Access Only
Energy is not an unlimited resource, and times of rest and renewal are essential to the cultivation of creativity and long-term ministry success.
Why Mako Fujimura Left New York City for the Country
The artist's move to Fuji farm follows a tradition of creatives finding new life away from bustling cities.
The Surprising Cure for Lonely Leaders
How solitude fills us
The Simple Joy of SabbathSubscriber Access Only
Sabbath should be a day when our structures are released and simple joys celebrated.
Advent: A Season to Say Yes to GodSubscriber Access Only
What might you need to say no to this holiday season, so that you can be more fully present with God?
Soul Care for the Busy LeaderSubscriber Access Only
When you're too busy to rest, rest is exactly what you need.
Let the Word Invade Your HeartSubscriber Access Only
How might our ministries be transformed if we allowed God, through his Word, to fill us, change us?
Hardworking Sloths: Disguising Spiritual LazinessSubscriber Access Only
The lazy culprit behind our busyness.
Top Story March 22, 2019
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
America’s Farming Crisis, Laid Bare by Midwest Floods
A deeper problem lies beneath recent stories of swelling rivers, soggy small towns, and feel-good relief efforts.
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