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Prosperity Gospel Taught to 4 in 10 Evangelical Churchgoers
Survey finds most Protestants believe God wants them to prosper financially. But views diverge on whether they must tithe to receive it.
Your Tithe Doesn’t Have to Go to Your Church, Most Leaders Say
But for many Christians, it may be a moot point.
Churches No Longer Face Overtime Pay Increase
Does mandated time-and-a-half help or hurt ministries? Experts weigh in.
Generosity Gap: Christians and Pastors Tithe and Tip for Different Reasons
Survey identifies the main motivations for giving money.
What Message Is Jack Graham Sending to Russell Moore and Southern Baptists?
Ed Stetzer discusses the tensions of denominational giving, who speaks for the SBC, and the impact of the 2016 election.
What I Wish I Had Known about Stewardship
Five insights that changed my awkward relationship with this core part of the Christian life and church ministry.
When Tithing Comes With a Money-Back Guarantee
How did churches like NewSpring and Life.Church get thousands of Christians to start giving? By offering a refund if God isn't faithful.
Subtle Discrimination in Churches
Who are you unintentionally leaving out?
Is It Robbing God to Tithe on Your After-Tax (Not Gross) Income?Subscriber Access Only
The Israelites were never subject to withholding upward of 15 percent.
Usher TrainingSubscriber Access Only
Personal PreachingSubscriber Access Only
US Churches Receive Less Trust Yet More Money Than EverSubscriber Access Only
Giving USA and Gallup find new records in opposite directions.
Fancy Offering
Split The TitheSubscriber Access Only
Give half to the church and half to missions.
The Right Way to Think About Giving to the PoorSubscriber Access Only
Theologian Gary Anderson shows how acts of charity embody faith in the goodness of God and his creation.
Pastoral Oversight
Follow the Money TrailSubscriber Access Only
How churches can be more open with their finances.
Fresh Stats on Where Evangelicals Donate Their Dollars (and Who's Winning) Subscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) After 6,000 charities tried to rival Cyber Monday with Giving Tuesday, ECFA releases latest State of Giving report.
The Scary Truth About Christian GivingSubscriber Access Only
We need to be more ruthless about ridding ourselves of surplus wealth.
Will Derrick Rose Help Hometown Church Fight Adidas over Tithing Trademark?Subscriber Access Only
Prepare for the David vs. Goliath metaphors...
Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Hope
Martin Luther King Jr.: Exemplar of Hope
The Civil Rights leader’s life and legacy embodies the revolutionary ethic Jesus Christ.
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