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The Rise of Women and the Manhood Crisis Subscriber Access Only
'Malestrom' author: When women flourish, men flourish too.
Sexed-Up Culture Ruined Healthy Male-Female Work RelationshipsSubscriber Access Only
The importance of both genders partnering in ministry.
On These Tamales, I Will Build My ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Celebrating the gifts Christian women bring to the table.
What Happens When We See Women Teach the BibleSubscriber Access Only
A figure like Beth Moore shows evangelical women what’s possible.
Church of England Set to Ordain Female BishopsSubscriber Access Only
(UPDATED) Church votes to allow women bishops, one year ahead of predicted approval.
Christine Caine: Trust God to Open Doors for WomenSubscriber Access Only
The Australian activist and speaker discusses women in church leadership.
The Church's Missing HalfSubscriber Access Only
What happens when women go underrepresented in the Body of Christ.
'The Nines' Explains Why So Few Women Are Among 100-Plus SpeakersSubscriber Access Only
Twitter question raised by Rachel Held Evans seizes the spotlight.
We Can Agree to Disagree on Women's Ordination Subscriber Access Only
Bridging the battle lines of the female clergy debate.
Reformed Church of America Prevents Opposition to Women's OrdinationSubscriber Access Only
Removal of “conscience clauses” ratified in response to growing acceptance of women clergy
Too Girly To Lead? Subscriber Access Only
God cares more about our gifts than our gender.
The Seminary Gender GapSubscriber Access Only
Why we should be concerned that women remain outnumbered in theological education.
What Are People In the Church Unwilling to Talk About?
A new book gets women talking about "taboo" topics...
Hey John Piper, Is My Femininity Showing?Subscriber Access Only
The implications of allowing women to teach "indirectly."
You Talk Like a GirlSubscriber Access Only
How vocal fry affects women in the church.
More Than a RightSubscriber Access Only
We need a better way to discuss women's ordination.
In the Loop: Pre-Sex Prayer, More Women Pastors, and Father-Daughter Baseball BondingSubscriber Access Only
What the women's blog editors are reading today.
Women Pastors Remain ScarceSubscriber Access Only
The Assemblies of God elected a woman to one of the highest leadership positions in the denomination, but women pastors remain few and far between.
Building Up Without WallsSubscriber Access Only
Paula White steps up as senior pastor of the troubled Pentecostal megachurch.
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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