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Why It’s Easier to Accept David as a Murderer than a Rapist
The current debate over what happened to Bathsheba forces us to think deeper about motives and power.
The Little Book that Changed My Life is Back
God used Bill Tinsley's book to transform discouragement into lifelong passion.
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
The Art of Holding Your Nose: Negotiation and Dealing with Those Who Foster Injustice
How should Christians engage with the “Ahabs” and the “Rehoboams” of today?
The #EqualityTownHall Was Loud and Clear: The LGBTQ+ Community, Beto, the Equality Act, and Evangelicals
We've come a long way from a plea for marriage equality.
Announcing the GC2 Summit on Leadership, Burnout, and Mental Health
Join us December 6th as we face the hard truths and challenges of pastoral ministry.
Ethiopia’s Evangelical Prime Minister Wins Nobel Peace Prize
Recognized for stewarding a breakthrough peace agreement with Eritrea with a “revivalist” spirit, Abiy Ahmed also helped end a historic church schism among the Orthodox.
Christians Killed on Syria’s Front Lines
While Trump defends US withdrawal, advocates fear “Turkey will complete the work that ISIS tried to do, in eradicating Christians from this region.”
He Got High and Broke Into a Church. Months Later, He Was Baptized There.
An Arkansas Baptist church opted to forgive the man who caused $100,000 in damage.
Let the Little Children Come to Church, Safely
Improved policies are the first step in a major cultural shift to eradicate sex abuse in kids ministry.
Teacher’s Lawsuit Reflects Evangelical Educators’ Dilemma Over Transgender Pronouns
A fired French instructor says the school board’s policy didn’t allow for compromise.
Jordanian Evangelicals Push for Official Recognition
Government status would help streamline outreach and foreign partnerships—and alleviate some outside concerns about their churches.
Is There Value in Your Work?
Martin Luther believed that God works through our work.
The Christian History of Korean-American Adoption
How World Vision and Compassion International sparked an Oregon family to raise eight mixed-race children.
Podcast | 47 min
Catholic Leaders Are Discussing Married Priests, Female Church Leadership, and Climate Change
What Protestants need to know about Pope Francis’s Amazon Synod.
Supreme Court Cases Challenge LGBT Rights-Religious Liberty Balancing Act
Legal experts worry that ruling in landmark workplace discrimination cases can’t provide the nuanced exemptions evangelicals have advocated for.
Down in the Dirt with a Soil-Splattered God
Our Heavenly Father is immersed in the mess and muck of life. How often do we notice?
One-on-One with CJ Davison on Our Christian Witness Today
“Relationships, not programs, are foundational to Jesus’ kingdom.”
Syrian Christians to US: ‘Don’t Abandon Us Now’
After surviving a civil war and ISIS attacks, the Christian minority fears a Turkish takeover in Kurdish border region.
The Bible Is More Than the Sum of Its Books
Why Christians read the diversity within the canon as a unified whole.
The Most Diverse Movement in History
The Most Diverse Movement in History
Christianity has been a multicultural, multiracial, multiethnic movement since its inception.
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