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Possessed or Obsessed?
Many Christians say they are in need of deliverance but some may be giving demons more than their due
Rebuilding Afghanistan U
How Christian scholars are using their heads to change people's hearts at universities worldwide-including the one Osama bin Laden used to roam
Tsunami Survivors Desperate for Aid
Christian groups worldwide mobilize massive relief effort to South Asia.
The 40 Best Christian Places to Work
How the winners of the third annual survey earned their employees' loyalty.
A Velveteen Apologetic
How two creatures dig a rabbit hole in my disbelief.
Allah's Continent?
Not so fast, says Philip Jenkins in God's Continent.
A Fishy Facebook Friend
Shouldn't the Golden Rule apply in virtual reality?
Passions and Tears Abound
What moviegoers had to say after watching The Passion of The Christ.
Pandora's Box of SRA
Satanic ritual abuse is often hard to prove, but it may not matter
"Stretch Pants, Beer, and Other Controversies"
"A New Testament professor discerns the relative from the timeless in biblical texts on slaves, women, and homosexuals."
Jesusy' Anne Lamott
Chatting with a born-again paradox
Bird Watching with Anne Lamott
"A PBS documentary enters the unruly, grace-filled world of the author of Traveling Mercies"
The patched-up life and unshabby message of Brennan Manning.
Q & A: Deborah Dortzbach
The international director of HIV/AIDS programs at World Relief talks on our progress, and regress, with AIDS.
Stemming the Embryonic Tide
Pro-lifers face a scientific and public relations juggernaut.
A 'Coward' Who Stayed to Help
Why Brennan Manning isn't interested in asking why he survived Katrina and others did not. (Please read Editor's Note, added 10/10/2005)
Dennis Bakke's Ode to Joy
The outrageous way in which an energy giant's CEO had fun at work.
How the Pope Turned Me Into An Evangelical
A Christianity Today associate editor recalls growing up Catholic in John Paul II's Poland.
Unholy Wars
Two books document the dangers of mixing church and state.
Not a Hallmark Bible
Richard Foster and Dallas Willard on the newly  published Renovare Spiritual Formation Bible.

Top Story October 28, 2020

Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Together, we discover Deuteronomy's Good News.

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