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"Seahorses, Egalitarians, and Traditional Sex-Role Reversal"Subscriber Access Only
A dispatch from the Christians for Biblical Equality conference
Adam and Eve in the 21st Century
"When it comes to gender roles, CT readers oscillate between complementarian and egalitarian ideas."
The French Reconnection
Europe's most secular country rediscovers its Christian roots.
First Waves of Relief
Muslim-Christian hostilities. Competing for qualified labor. Handling record donations. These are just three obstacles Christian aid groups must navigate.
Lives of Quiet Turbulence
Elizabeth Marquardt on what happens in the souls of children of divorce.
Pro-life Feminists
An anthology of the strange bedfellows who are all pro-woman and pro-life.
What's Next: International Justice
Long Road: What evangelical leaders say are the priorities and challenges for the next 50 years.
Women & the ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Help finding your place as woman who is gifted to lead.
The Auschwitz CrossSubscriber Access Only
We must come to the cross with desperation, not political agendas
Classroom Corrections
Some crimes can only be prevented with chalk and ruler
Parachurch Passion
A Dallas food pantry was transformed when it turned the tables on who should do ministry
Tallying Compassion
How much is a church's good work worth?
Nice Yet Naughty
A no-nonsense book of female sex addiction is finally here.
Saving the SuburbsSubscriber Access Only
Riots prompt Christians to reach out more to Muslims.
France: The Ire and the FireSubscriber Access Only
God's people in the midst of the riots.
Dating Jesus
When 'lover of my soul' language goes too far.
'Ordinary' Delights
Let us praise the consoling banality of good.
Desire Happens
You see, you want. Then what?
CellularSubscriber Access Only
Top Ten Movies from the Rest of the WorldSubscriber Access Only
Previous articles in this series looked at the best films from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Here's the best of the rest of the planet, as chosen by two of our critics.

Top Story April 4, 2020

When I Was a Health Risk to Society
When I Was a Health Risk to Society
My radioactive body brought me shame. But I learned how to bring my fears to the Cross.

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