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Proposed Repatriation of Vietnamese Tribal Christians May Be Flawed
The government continues to persecute believers while giving a guarantee for the safety of returning refugees.
Gong's 'Accusers' Claim Torture Induced False Confessions
Letters from imprisoned Christian women in China describe assaults with electric clubs
Chinese House Church Leader Granted Time to Appeal Death Sentence
Sentence likely to be commuted to imprisonment, but church remains in danger
Gang Rape of Nuns Stirs Outrage
China's Religious Freedom Crackdown Extends to Foreigners
It is against the law for visitors to teach the Bible in China's house churches.
Riots Traumatize Chinese Christians
Riots Traumatize Chinese Christians
House Pastors Jailed in New Crackdown
Four Christians Released in Nepal
Witnesses who accused the Christians of bribing converts fail to show in court.
Li Dexian's Detention Extended for 'Showing No Remorse'
Three-year jail term possibly lies ahead
House Churches May Be ’Harmful to Socity’
But China's unofficial congregations resist evil cult label
Khmu Christians Arrested
Maluku Islands Unrest Spreads to Greater Indonesia
Violence on Lombok Island may hasten government intervention
Philippines: Hostage Drama Exposes Christians' Vulnerability
Abductions only part of harassment in Philippines.
Christians Killed, Churches Burn
Christians Under Threat in Central Indonesia
Jihad fighters foiled in initial bid to massacre Tentena Christians.
Founder of China's Born Again Movement Set Free
Xu Yongze released from prison camp after 3 years of labor re-education.

Top Story November 29, 2020

Tigray Crisis Tests Ethiopian Christians Along Tribal Lines
Tigray Crisis Tests Ethiopian Christians Along Tribal Lines
As Abiy’s military closes in on TPLF forces, thousands flee to Sudan.

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