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Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation: Christian History Interview - The Tradition Continues
The distinctive legacy of Thomas Cranmer, and the Anglican "middle way" today.
Do We Still Need the Reformation? Part 1
The Twilight of Atheism
Why this once exciting and 'liberating' philosophy failed to capture the world's imagination.
The Resurrection: A Bridge Between Two Worlds
How the Resurrection infused my rational faith with a passionate hope.
Faith Outside the Bubble
Christians who question their beliefs deserve better than defensive slogans and cliches.
Por qué no es suficiente con solo saber de Jesús
El día en que leyendo Filipenses me reveló un conocimiento más profundo.
Alister McGrath: Michael Green Taught Me the Importance of Evangelism
A tribute to the theologian who taught a generation how to evangelize through the local church.
We would be deluding ourselves if we thought that evangelical thinking in our day has progressed very far.
The Real Gospel
"In a postmodern world in which people see many 'truths' as equally valid, how can you convince someone of the truth of salvation through Christ"
Why Knowing About Jesus Is Not Enough
The day reading Philippians revealed to me a deeper knowledge.
Dealing with Doubt
When you're responsible for the spiritual guidance of others, admitting doubt can feel like admitting defeat. But doubt is not the enemy of faith. By learning to admit, address, and even embrace the most difficult questions, your ministry can more effectively reach the many who privately wonder the same things.
Scandal? (continued from previous article)
Augustine's Origin of Species
How the great theologian might weigh in on the Darwin debate.
My Top 5 Books by C. S. Lewis
The beloved Christian apologist's best books range beyond the Chronicles of Narnia.

Top Story February 24, 2021

Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
When research looks beyond affiliation, the move away from religious institutions becomes more nuanced.

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