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Women Speak Up and Out at Willow Creek's Global Leadership Summit
Condi Rice, Sheryl WuDunn, and IJM's Pranitha Timothy showed me that women can achieve enormous influence outside the walls of the church.
Failure To Report Love Offerings Was Tax Evasion, Rules Fourth Circuit
North Carolina pastors claimed they didn't report $2.5 million because they believed love offerings were untaxable.
The Hope Dealers of Honduras
Corruption, assassination, sex trafficking, and drug addiction thwart justice in the murder capital of the world.
Los comerciantes de esperanza
La corrupción, el asesinato, el tráfico sexual y la drogadicción frustran la justicia en un gobierno casi fallido.
Oh My Soul
The Superman of Harlem: An Interview with Geoffrey Canada
The founder of the Harlem Children's Zone on why it takes a whole community to educate a child.
Salem Communications Accused of Monopolizing Christian Concerts in Portland
Christian concert promoter LMG Concerts claims Salem radio station illegally blocks it from ads and woos away artists.
Proposed Blasphemy Law in Kurdistan Would Protect Christians As Well As Muslims
Parliamentarians in Iraq's Kurdish region hope to end religious violence by banning insults to what "all religions" have in common: "God, the prophets, holy books."
Confidence in U.S. Churches Hits All-Time Low
But organized religion still ranks higher than U.S. citizens' confidence in public schools, banks, and television news.
Nik Wallenda's Walk by Faith Across a Grand Canyon Tightrope
Why the Christian acrobat crossed the Grand Canyon without a safety harness this Sunday.
Katy Perry's Part of Me 3-D: Does Everyone Really Like a Good Girl Gone Bad?
The pop artist's feature-length documentary shows her at her most vulnerable.
Evacuated Navigators Working From Focus on the Family Offices
Wildfire has more than doubled in size, but most Navigators' buildings reportedly untouched so far.
Rhode Island Will Decide Which Public Religious Icons Are Sufficiently Secular
Lawmakers create commission in response to WWI memorial cross that has split atheist groups.
Hope for the Gay Undergrad
More and more groups connected with Christian colleges openly reach out to students with same-sex attractions.
David Crowder: Why Old Gospel Music Works in a Club
The chart-topping worship leader has re-located to Atlanta, and is currently touring small rock venues across the U. S. with a "kitschy" Americana collective that has two albums in the works.
Sandusky Victims Challenge Transfer of Charity to Christian Foster Ministry
Petition says Second Mile's $2.5 million in assets should be reserved for compensating abuse victims of Penn State coach.
UPDATED 1/4: Passion 2013: Live from Atlanta
60,000 university-aged students from around the globe are gathered at the Georgia Dome this week to "make Jesus famous" and "end modern-day slavery."
Fourth Circuit Strikes Down Maryland Rules on Crisis Pregnancy Center Signs (UPDATED)
Appeals court says Baltimore and Montgomery County cannot force centers to advertise their lack of abortion or birth control services.
Insurance Carrier Orders Church How to Treat Sex Offenders
Oregon congregation protests requirements it must meet in order to stay insured.
Q&A: Israel Houghton and Galley Molina on 'I'm In Love With a Church Girl'
A worship artist and a reformed drug lord join forces to proclaim grace.

Top Story October 28, 2020

Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Why I Read the Old Testament with Spiritual Seekers
Together, we discover Deuteronomy's Good News.

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