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Boundaries for Part-Time Ministry
9 steps to set healthy limits
Fighting Sin
It's not time to rest yet.
Porn, Raquel Welch, and the Power of Our Sexual ImaginationSubscriber Access Only
When we let porn and fashion magazines tell us what's beautiful, we usually reject the flesh-and-blood beauty right in front of us.
The Second Chair
The joys and challenges of being executive pastor: an interview with Karen Miller
The Problem with Self-Esteem
God offers a better way.
'Crazy Talk': How We Characterize Mental IllnessSubscriber Access Only
Our careless language reinforces stigma.
Is Filling That ‘God-Shaped Hole’ God’s Plan for Our Lives?Subscriber Access Only
Maybe we’re not supposed to be satisfied.
Jesus in 'The Hunger Games'Subscriber Access Only
In the face of persistent and pervasive darkness, hope shines through the cracks.
Amy SimpsonSubscriber Access Only
The Shadow of SchizophreniaSubscriber Access Only
Where God was amid my mom's mental illness.
Exciting News for eReaders
It’s a new day for book lovers
Top 10 Resources for Mental Health Ministry
Books, websites, organizations, and people who can help you help those with mental illness and their families.
3 Truths Married People Should Know About Love
Hollywood has it all wrong.
Born to Lead
Churches: Take a Lesson from the Postal ServiceSubscriber Access Only
In today's change-or-die culture, we must adapt.
Mental Illness
Minister to the mentally ill.
What Jason Russell's Mental Breakdown Shows Us about OurselvesSubscriber Access Only
Our churches still have much to learn about mental illness.
In 'Silver Linings Playbook,' Hollywood Finally Gets Mental IllnessSubscriber Access Only
Whether or not it wins an Oscar, the film deserves praise for portraying real, human struggle.
My Top 5 Books on Mental IllnessSubscriber Access Only
Picks from the author of 'Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church's Mission'

Top Story February 17, 2020

God Will Not Speak to You Through Skywriting
God Will Not Speak to You Through Skywriting
Our desperate pleas for a clear sign from the heavens may be answered already.

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