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Spirituality Starts in the PewsSubscriber Access Only
You can't search for God in isolation from the institutional church, says Lillian Daniel.
Our Love Affair with the Letter 'i'Subscriber Access Only
Digital technology has the hallmarks of an alternative religion. How can we enjoy its blessings without falling into idolatry?
Dispatches from the Wondrous, Terrifying World of Bible ScholarshipSubscriber Access Only
Why studying Scripture professionally can bring great joy—but also great pain.
When God Is Strange and AwfulSubscriber Access Only
Victor Lee Austin was living a Song of Songs life. Then he learned what it’s like to become Job.
Is Christian Cynicism a Spiritual Sickness?
We need to have a vital faith that is without illusions.
N.T. Wright Wants to Save the Best Worship SongsSubscriber Access Only
The scholar urges the church to stop neglecting Jesus' prayer book.
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
Our picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.
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