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Remastering: Revisiting or Redundant
Amy Grant's extensive 30-year catalog gets a re-release, prompting discussion over the perks and problems of remastered albums and whether fans should take interest.
Live at the Wetlands
Soulful, bluesy rock jams
No Pat Answers
In this candid conversation, Pat Boone talks about his new album, his all-star tribute to Billy Graham—featuring his old "pal" Bono—and that, uhh, heavy metal thing.
Through It All
Now in his fifth decade of making music, Andrae Crouch reminisces on a career that started in the days of Jesus Music through his brand-new album, Mighty Wind.
A Once Wayward Son Carries On
Former Kansas mastermind Kerry Livgren explored many of the world's religions before coming to Christ almost three decades ago—and he's remained on that path ever since.
Glimpses of God (Vol. 1)
Best New Artists of 2006
New talent quickly comes and goes in the music business, but here are twelve new Christian artists that we hope to see continue for years to come.
High Anxiety
New artists are brimming with hope, but also have lots of fears—from concerns about staying spiritually fit to worries about finding money for their next meal.
What Birds Dream
Myriad Returns; Drummer Battles Cancer
Randy Miller will return to chemo after fall tour. Plus: Hillsong United hits the silver screen; FFH returns; Chynna Phillips on Oprah; and more.
Delirious Officially Bids Farewell
Final round of American shows followed by hits CD. Plus: Knapp plans new album; AMA Inspirational nominations announced; Perry goes unplugged; and more.
Open Book
Da' T.R.U.T.H. Steps Down
Confesses "moral indiscretion," takes sabbatical. Plus: Bluetree takes a stand again sexual exploitation; Lennox scores peace prize; new MxPx EP; and more.
U2 Tops 2009 Tour
Irish rockers could top 2010 too, as new shows are already selling out. Plus: Brickman on PBS; Carman gets personal; Family Force 5's 2010 preview; and more.
Beautiful Things
The Anatomy of Broken
On My Way Home

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