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Michelle Pfeiffer stars as the most gorgeous prostitute in all of human history, but this feast for the eyes offers little for the heart.
Local Color
The Cross: The Arthur Blessitt Story
The protagonist has carried a cross all over the world, and has the powerful stories to prove it—but this documentary fails to do him justice.
Faith Like Potatoes
When a farmer gives his life to Christ, he finds not only transformation but a new direction, becoming the "South African Billy Graham."
Dog Days of Summer
An unforgettable summer brings a young boy a memorable glimpse of hypocrisy and sin that will change him forever ... but the movie's not all that great.
Drag Me to Hell
Beneath its terrifying exterior, this horror flick offers a morally and theologically fascinating exploration of the Calvinist doctrine of total depravity.
Scary story and questionable filmmaking choices make Orphan extremely hard to watch.
Captain Abu Raed
This heartwarming Jordanian fable about a janitor with a dream puts cookie-cutter characters in a boilerplate plot, but still might make you cheer.
Inglourious Basterds
Quentin Tarantino delivers Jews scalping Nazis in a go-for-broke WWII epic that shocks, electrifies, and horrifies, all in the name of entertainment.
Starvation by Court Order
Schiavo documentary claims that it was murder.
My Top 5 Movies on Thankfulness
Remembering Malatya
Documentary recalls Christian martyrs in Turkey.
Porn Star No More
Former adult film star Crissy Moran returns to Christ and makes a movie based on the Bible story of Hosea and Gomer.
Confessions of a Shopaholic
The protagonist tries to be the poster girl for the recession generation, but the film's celebration of consumerism takes all the teeth out of its sparkly bite.
The Princess and the Frog
Stunning visuals and a sweet love story cover over some disturbing subject matter.
The Proposal
An outlandish premise kicks off a most satisfyingly funny and romantic love story, with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds at the top of their games.
Saving the Children
Documentary 'Sold' shows rescuers from three faiths—Hindu, Muslim, and Christian—fighting slavery and bringing hope to children around the world.
What If ...
When an investment banker gets a second chance at the life he could've had as a small-town pastor, he learns that God's will is nothing to be trifled with.
Celebrate National B----- Feeding Month
To counteract our culture's squeamishness about breast-feeding, first we need to be able to 'talk' about it.

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