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The Central Work of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
Prayer is the first thing we talk about but the last thing we do.
Heart & SoulSubscriber Access Only
Food for Thought - Mar 17 2008
Growing EdgeSubscriber Access Only
The Babe in BlytheSubscriber Access Only
She was gorgeous and tanned and God used her to teach me a lesson.
Staying MotivatedSubscriber Access Only
Do I Always Have to Be Sure?Subscriber Access Only
The God of the NCC Lectionary Is Not the God of the BibleSubscriber Access Only
Heart & SoulSubscriber Access Only
Currents Shaping My Soul: A Once and Future Emerging LeaderSubscriber Access Only
What happens when you realize your emergence is behind you?
Why Join a Church?Subscriber Access Only
A defense of an old-fashioned idea.
Leading Reluctant FollowersSubscriber Access Only
Heart & SoulSubscriber Access Only
Redefining SuccessSubscriber Access Only
Redefine and hone the mission and operations of your church and its leaders.
Adventures in FastingSubscriber Access Only
I tried fasting, and instead of insights I got irritable.
Godly ChutzpahSubscriber Access Only
"Mike Yaconelli took risks, and tens of thousands of evangelicals loved him for it."
Heart & SoulSubscriber Access Only
Can Worship Leaders Worship?Subscriber Access Only
Five Ways to Pray the PsalmsSubscriber Access Only
An abridged version.
Courage for the Doubting PastorSubscriber Access Only
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Christianity Today's 2020 Book Awards
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