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The Workers Are FewSubscriber Access Only
Gap exists between what large churches need and what seminaries produce.
Online Boycotts Separate Corporations from Christian GroupsSubscriber Access Only
Petitions effective, but not by numbers.
One Body, Many Parts: The Crucial Role of the ‘Faith-Based FEMA’ After Florence
Working alongside government agencies, Christian volunteers aid hurricane victims based on what each denomination does best.
Politics vs. PersecutionSubscriber Access Only
Push for Iran sanctions concerns missiologists.
Bricks and Moratoriums: Zoning Out ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Economy impacts churches' battles to build.
Tullian Tchividjian: Allow Your Critics to Teach YouSubscriber Access Only
The new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church talks about the effort to remove him from the pulpit.
Faith-Based FracasSubscriber Access Only
From the White House to the courthouse, the battle escalates over whether Christian groups have the right to employ only Christians.
States' License to Pill Increases ConflictsSubscriber Access Only
Increase in state licenses prompts conscience clashes.
Out of Africa: What AMIA's Exodus from Rwanda Portends for Global ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
Break underscores the difficulty of shifting denominational power across cultures and continents.
Sovereign Grace Ministries: Courts Shouldn't 'Second-Guess' Pastoral Counseling of Sex Abuse VictimsSubscriber Access Only
Legal observers question whether clergy-penitent privilege applies to denomination accused of covering up crimes.
What Happens When Schools Cut Denominational TiesSubscriber Access Only
A new study raises questions about the merer Christian college.
No Straight ShotSubscriber Access Only
More evangelical therapists move from changing orientation to embracing faith identity for gays.
Challenging IndividualismSubscriber Access Only
N.C. proposal raises age-old questions of Baptist identity.
Saving Souls for LessSubscriber Access Only
Recession leads evangelistic ministries to shift to lower-cost methods.
Modern-Day LepersSubscriber Access Only
Churches try to balance grace and accountability toward sex offenders.
Prosperity Gospel on Skid RowSubscriber Access Only
Difficulties of high-profile pastors may reorient movement—or reinforce it.
Contract Concern: USAID Policy on Hiring Alarms CharitiesSubscriber Access Only
Groups concerned religious liberty fear they could be challenged in the future.
ECFA Faces Scrutiny Over Harvest Investigation
The delayed penalties for James MacDonald’s church have some evangelicals challenging the financial watchdog’s role and others defending it.
Luter vs. LandSubscriber Access Only
As Southern Baptists prepare to install their first black president, observers disagree on how much clout Fred Luter will have in a denomination closely identified with high-profile figures such as the newly reprimanded Richard Land.
Ministry Sues for Access to InmatesSubscriber Access Only
You Can’t Reject a Faith You Never Knew
You Can’t Reject a Faith You Never Knew
Historian Alec Ryrie offers a revisionist take on the roots of unbelief. But there’s another story that needs telling.
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