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Seminary Plants
Megachurch pastors offer ministry training based in the local church.
Politics vs. Persecution
Push for Iran sanctions concerns missiologists.
Religious Hiring's Status Quo Victory
A 2-1 ruling by Ninth Circuit affirms World Vision's right to consider religious beliefs in employment. But questions over faith-based hiring practices and government funding seem far from settled.
Bricks and Moratoriums: Zoning Out Churches
Economy impacts churches' battles to build.
One Body, Many Parts: The Crucial Role of the ‘Faith-Based FEMA’ After Florence
Working alongside government agencies, Christian volunteers aid hurricane victims based on what each denomination does best.
Tullian Tchividjian: Allow Your Critics to Teach You
The new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church talks about the effort to remove him from the pulpit.
Faith-Based Fracas
From the White House to the courthouse, the battle escalates over whether Christian groups have the right to employ only Christians.
Generic Christian U.
Ties that bind church schools are loosening.
States' License to Pill Increases Conflicts
Increase in state licenses prompts conscience clashes.
Sex, Money ... Pride? Why Pastors Are Stepping Down
What's causing some well-known leaders like C. J. Mahaney (and John Piper before him) to step aside is not what you might think.
Out of Africa: What AMIA's Exodus from Rwanda Portends for Global Christianity
Break underscores the difficulty of shifting denominational power across cultures and continents.
Luter vs. Land
As Southern Baptists prepare to install their first black president, observers disagree on how much clout Fred Luter will have in a denomination closely identified with high-profile figures such as the newly reprimanded Richard Land.
Supreme Court Won't Reconsider Ban on 'Gruesome' Church Protest
Case pitted freedom of speech against freedom of religion. But protecting children from disturbing pictures was the trump card.
Ministry Sues for Access to Inmates
Saving Souls for Less
Recession leads evangelistic ministries to shift to lower-cost methods.
Darwin Divides
Christian college professors split on Texas science standards.
Beyond Believers
Religion is now the hottest topic for American historians.
Interpretation Sparks a Grave Theology Debate
Apologist’s questioning of Matthew 27 creates theological war of words.
The Trouble with TBN
Amid a flurry of scandalous accusations, ministries again face the question of whether to abandon or reform the broadcaster.
Will the Supreme Court Pop Abortion Clinic Bubbles?
A challenge to 'buffer zones' against pro-life protesters gets a surprise hearing Wednesday, January 15.

Top Story January 27, 2021

Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Questions Continue for Women in Complementarian Churches
Three decades after the Danvers Statement articulated clear gender roles, its application still causes tension.

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