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Book Corner: Planting for the FutureSubscriber Access Only
A case for the importance of church plants.
One Church, Many CongregationsSubscriber Access Only
How a group of pastors is reaching a region as Christ Together.
Mormons, Mormons EverywhereSubscriber Access Only
What can evangelicals learn from the "I'm a Mormon" campaign?
What’s On Your Mind?Subscriber Access Only
Introducing BCL's "Your Turn" forum.
All Ministry Is LocalSubscriber Access Only
Why ministry models are not universally applicable.
Novel TeachersSubscriber Access Only
Learning real-life lessons from imaginary ministers.
Beyond "Us versus Them"Subscriber Access Only
Interview with Andrew Marin
Trouble BrewingSubscriber Access Only
The shifting views about alcohol among clergy.
Misreading Mr. MomSubscriber Access Only
Man fails, biblical womanhood, and cultural presuppositions.
Authenticity: The Strengths of a Small Church, Part 1Subscriber Access Only
A cultural value for churches to be attentive to.
Through a Screen DarklySubscriber Access Only
Book Review of Flickering Pixels by Shane Hipps.
Augustine on Celebrity ConversionsSubscriber Access Only
Is there such a thing as a "big win" for God?
Book Corner: Revisiting The ShackSubscriber Access Only
A theologian takes on a runaway best-seller.
To Kill or to Love—That Was the QuestionSubscriber Access Only
Rethinking the image of God helped me to decide.
Book Review: Awaken Your Senses by Brent Bill and Beth BooramSubscriber Access Only
Tasting, Touching, and Feeling Our Way to Spiritual Growth
Road to RecoverySubscriber Access Only
How one church was transformed by reaching out to neighbors with addictions.
Lean and Nimble: The Strengths of a Small Church, Part 2Subscriber Access Only
Be strategic in the way you plan your church's programs.
Live from NPC: Shane ClaiborneSubscriber Access Only
So a comedian, a Jew, and a monk walk into a conference...
Book Review: "A God-Sized Vision"Subscriber Access Only
Learning from the revivals of the past may help ignite one today.
Explainer: The Micro Church MovementSubscriber Access Only
What are some of its defining characteristics?
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