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The VisitSubscriber Access Only
A return to plot twists (but not a return to form) for M. Night Shyamalan.
Day ZeroSubscriber Access Only
The Limits of ControlSubscriber Access Only
Jim Jarmusch offers a confounding but beautiful look at meaning, language, and spirituality set in surrealist Spain, but it might test the limits of audience attention.
BattleshipSubscriber Access Only
For a movie based on a board game, it's not half bad—and a pretty fun, patriotic romp.
Another YearSubscriber Access Only
Authentic portrayal of good people, gracefully aging and helping those in need.
After EarthSubscriber Access Only
Whedon's Shakespeare adaptation succeeds by not taking itself too seriously, but Shyamalan's sci-fi flick is far too self-important to be any good.
The World's EndSubscriber Access Only
Nothing says apocalypse like twelve pints in one night.
Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomSubscriber Access Only
An inspiring yet imperfect biopic of a man more complex than he appears here.
HounddogSubscriber Access Only
2016: Obama's AmericaSubscriber Access Only
Breakout documentary explores the ideological heritage of Barack Obama.
To the WonderSubscriber Access Only
The film is Malick at his Malickest, and at his most devout—which merits reflection on his body of work.
Love & MercySubscriber Access Only
Brian Wilson biopic explores the soundscape of artistic genius and tragedy.
AustraliaSubscriber Access Only
Where Leaders Are Made
The tests of a true leader are often challenging—and other times, they're just kind of fun and silly.
Five to Anticipate This FallSubscriber Access Only
What are our critics watching this fall?
HerSubscriber Access Only
A man, the phone he is dating, and the incomparable gift of the Incarnation.
Maps to the StarsSubscriber Access Only
A well-acted but excessively bleak satire of the Hollywood echo chamber.
Bigger, Stronger, FasterSubscriber Access Only
The Brothers BloomSubscriber Access Only
Quirky, stylish caper film revels in the blurry line between real life and storytelling.
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.
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