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Fuller Creates Another 'Habitat'
New organization will focus on housing, too.
Protestants Laud Pope for Ecumenical, Social Stands
He was 'unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years,' says Billy Graham.
Racially Diverse Faith Coalitions Oppose Gay Marriage, Tackle Other Issues
Invigorated by the election, African-American and Hispanic leaders are reaching out on a range of political fronts.
FCC Reverses Religious Programming Limits
Supreme Court Rulings on Ten Commandments Leave Wake of Confusion
Groups announce plans to create new monuments as court refuses to hear more about such displays.
Supreme Court Opening Will Test Strength of Religious Conservatives
Conservative groups say this is why they pushed for Bush's re-election.
Why Adoption Became Russell Moore's Personal Cause
And why more evangelicals should be joining him.
Conservative Evangelicals Say New Pope Speaks Their Moral Language
"He's going to hold the line," says Norm Geisler.
Gingrich Woos Skeptical Evangelical Voters
His marital past may be too much for some conservative Republicans.
Evangelicals' Political Power: From Question Mark to Exclamation Mark
Activists say same-sex marriage ban, abortion limits, and judicial appointments top agenda.
Intelligent Design Is Too Religious for Schools, Judge Rules
"Abundantly clear" that it's updated creationism, he says.
Adrian Rogers, Conservative Southern Baptist Trailblazer, Dies at 74
Former SBC president, broadcaster, and pastor led charge in denomination over biblical inerrancy.
Hispanic Groups Divided over 2010 Census
One group is urging a boycott while another group says Latinos should take part in the census.

Top Story September 23, 2020

The Supreme Court Needs to Be Less Central to American Public Life
The Supreme Court Needs to Be Less Central to American Public Life
Here’s what evangelicals should expect—and not expect—from the highest court in the land.

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