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Four Christians Released By Saudi Authorities
One detained Filipino still waiting for employer's guarantee
Turkey's Protestants Face Wave of Attacks
Anti-missionary threats turn violent.
Arab Press Says Hussein Has Returned to Islam
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Christians Jailed, Abused, Deported
Turkey Releases Jailed Christians After 30 Days
Witnesses admit gendarmarie pressured them to sign complaints
Riyadh Police Raid Christian Worship Service
Ten Adults, Five Children Arrested; Engineer Still Detained from Previous Arrest
Pakistani Christian Student Dies from Torture
Muslim seminary implicated in forcible conversion attempt.
Saudi Arabia Keeps Four Christians Under Arrest
Wives and children released after two weeks
Two Turkish Christians Jailed
Judge refuses bail during 'religious slander' investigation
Egyptian Priest Accused of Murder
Village cleric charged with 'provoking violence' in El-Kosheh
Christian Uzbek Pastor Marks One Year in Prison
Jailers reportedly beating pastor for witnessing.
Turkmenistan Refuses To Register Bible Society
Government confiscating Turkmen, Russian Scriptures
Religion Law Jeopardizes Evangelism
Jailed Sudanese Priests Reject presidential Amnesty
Clerics waiting for 'total acquittal' by courts
Kidnapped Girl from Grozny Church Found
Refugees from Chechnya take in abused child
Mongolia Gives Local Christian 13-Year Prison Sentence
Ethnic Kazakh indicted for 'wrong religious propaganda'

Top Story February 24, 2021

A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
A World Vision Employee Is Still Awaiting Fair Trial in Israel
The charges against him don’t make sense. And his day in court has been delayed again and again.

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