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Hey, John Kerry, WWFFD?
What Would the Founding Fathers Do about the application of Christian principles to American politics? A few cautionary words.
The Roots of Pentecostal Scandal—Romanticism Gone to Seed
The sexual stumblings of prominent ministers point to a hidden flaw in Pentecostal spirituality.
How to Pray for Our Troops
This Veteran's Day, let's commend our men and women of the services to the God who brings good even from the most evil circumstances.
Sharing Stories from the Heart
The lessons of history are fair game for use today.
Emergents, Meet Saints!
The wave of the future needs the wisdom of the past.
The Bible Alone? Not for John Calvin!
When we seek answers to churchly and societal issues in the Bible alone, citing the Reformation principle of sola scriptura, we are actually contradicting the Reformers.
St. Mugg's Wrestling Prophets, Part II: The Weird Little Dane
How a struggling soul built a bridge to Christ for those caught in the world's snares.
Holy America, Phoebe!
It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the holiness movement and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten.
The Friends of The Christ of The Passion
Popular interest in the person of Jesus is widening to include his closest friends. But who were these people, really?
Advent: Close Encounters of a Liturgical Kind
'Tis the season when even the free-ranging revivalist pulls up a chair to the table of historic liturgy.
Just a Closer Walk … with the Historical Jesus
Mel Gibson's movie raises again the question: How much can we know historically about Jesus' life and times?
Dorothy Sayers: "The Dogma Is the Drama"
An interview with Barbara Reynolds.
Indelible Marker
John Wigger explains how Francis Asbury left his fingerprints all over American Christianity.
To Spank or Not to Spank?
A 6th-century abbot and a group of 17th-century Calvinist divines weigh in on the issue
All of Christian History in 6 Hours
This audio tour de force is strong meat for a mature Christian audience.
Romanticism Gone to Seed—Part II
Have the holiness and Pentecostal movements really been hyper-vertical and anti-domestic?
Living History
In New Orleans, the saints go marching on.
'St. Mugg' and the Wrestling Prophets
A modern British journalist gives us timely words from yesterday's sinner-saints.
Mel Gibson's Next Act: The Man of the Passion?
Thousands want Mel to make his next movie about a famous medieval friar.
A glimpse inside the world of holiness testimony, through the story of an ex-slave woman evangelist.

Top Story September 29, 2020

Ravi Zacharias’s Ministry Investigates Claims of Sexual Misconduct at Spas
Ravi Zacharias’s Ministry Investigates Claims of Sexual Misconduct at Spas
Three women have come forward with additional allegations against the late Christian apologist.

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