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Despite Opposition American Lutherans Reaffirm Ecumenical AgreementSubscriber Access Only
Does schism lie ahead for Evangelical Lutheran Church in America?
Arrests Put Tragic Church Bombing of 1963 Back in the HeadlinesSubscriber Access Only
Suspects maintain innocence in murder of four girls in Birmingham, Alabama blast.
Role of New UN Religious Advisory Council Still VagueSubscriber Access Only
New York's World Peace Summit 'lacked detail' and 'authentic leadership' from some major faiths, says ecumenical leader.
Conservative Anglicans Defy Episcopal ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Anglican bishops from abroad launch U.S. ministry for Episcopal reform.
Homosexual Group Institutes Award for Straight Religious LeadersSubscriber Access Only
Former United Church of Christ president receives first award for championing gay rights
Campbell Remains Optimistic As She Looks to Life After the NCCSubscriber Access Only
Retiring general secretary leaving behind an organization in financial crisis
National Council of Churches Making Gun Control Top Legislative PrioritySubscriber Access Only
We must halt America's gun 'scourge,' says general secretary
National Council of Churches Welcomes End to 'Miami Circus' Over Eli nSubscriber Access Only
General secretary laments use of force, but says he's relieved child is back with father.
Despite Arrests Church Leaders Vow to Continue Vieques ProtestSubscriber Access Only
Religious leaders still spearheading effort to end Navy bombing
Seeds for a '100-Year' Peace ProcessSubscriber Access Only
Ecumenical summit leaves religious leaders cautiously hopeful for gradual change.
Presbyterians urged to allow liberals to leave over homosexual ordinationSubscriber Access Only
After Eli n Cuba's Churches Will Play Leading Role in Time of TransitionSubscriber Access Only
Left-leaning ecumenical groups already working together.
Covenant to End PovertySubscriber Access Only
Ecumenical leader insists that churches must act together to aid poor.
'Missionary of Lucifer' Pleads Guilty to Church BurningsSubscriber Access Only
Indiana man confesses to more than 25 acts of arson.
'Thorny' Issue Proves to be an Obstacle for Catholic-Orthodox CommissionSubscriber Access Only
Fate of Eastern Catholic Churches in post-communist Europe and Russia still unresolved.
Canada's Anglican Church Considers Possibility of Financial RuinSubscriber Access Only
Liberal Protestants dominate signatory list.
New York's New Catholic Leader Is a Friend of Pope John PaulSubscriber Access Only
Edward Egan expected to uphold traditional church teachings.
U.S. Religious Freedom Commission CriticizedSubscriber Access Only
Indian churches reject U.S. inquiry, but Pakistani Christians welcome it.
NCC Presses Case for Boy's Swift Return to CubaSubscriber Access Only
'This is not a healthy situation for the boy,' says new general secretary

Top Story May 29, 2020

George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.

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