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Evangelism: World Assembly Aims to GrowSubscriber Access Only
World Assembly of God Fellowship aims to triple its size.
Urban Evangelism: Baptists on the BlockSubscriber Access Only
Southern Baptists work and witness in Chicago street outreach.
Radio: The Never-Ending StorySubscriber Access Only
At 50, Unshackled! still transforms broken lives.
Eight UMC Pastors Quit DenominationSubscriber Access Only
Same-sex unions, bishop's handling of power prompt the exodus.
Thousands Mourn Death of 'India's Father'Subscriber Access Only
Evangelist Bakht Singh led a fruitful life of teaching and founding churches.
Flouting Church LawSubscriber Access Only
Two gay controversies likely to dominate United Methodist General Conference this week.
Joyce Meyer Responds to Critics, Shifts Income SourceSubscriber Access Only
Amid cancellation and watchdog's call for IRS investigation, evangelist defends finances.
Radio: Broadcasters Resist Low-Power FM LicensesSubscriber Access Only
Broadcasters resist low-power FM licenses due to listening-quality concerns.
The Business of ResurrectionSubscriber Access Only
A fast-growing Kansas City church builds on success by using an innovative plan for real-estate development.
The Definition of 'I Screwed Up'Subscriber Access Only
Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Art of the Public Grovel, dissects Obama's apology.
Robbery or Vendetta?Subscriber Access Only
Mysterious murders cause rift between Copts and Muslims in U.S.
Bonnke Returns to Nigeria One Year After TragedySubscriber Access Only
Lagos crusade may become one of largest Christian gatherings ever recorded.
L'Abri Turns 50Subscriber Access Only
Francis Schaeffer's ministry is bigger than ever.
Clinton Visit Provokes Church MembersSubscriber Access Only
Willow Creek pastor fields congregation's questions, challenges.
Faith-based Child Abuse?Subscriber Access Only
Shamblin defends Atlanta couple charged with murder.
Inside Politics: Love the President, Hate the PolicySubscriber Access Only
At Willow Creek conference, President Clinton reviews his moral failures, details his spiritual recovery.
Looking for a MiracleSubscriber Access Only
Six million Nigerians join Bonnke revival.
Sunday School: What Would Andy Do?Subscriber Access Only
Fictional Mayberry is setting for hit Bible study.
Left Behind Series Puts Tyndale AheadSubscriber Access Only
Success leaves publisher wondering how to best steward the company's increase.
Using Wesley's Old PlaybookSubscriber Access Only
Methodism is perfectly situated to reach Gen-Xers, says pastor.
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
British Evangelicals Brace for Brexit
Politics remain divisive, but churches seek unity in prayer.
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