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The Politicians' Patron
As the Roman Catholic patron saint of politicians, Thomas More is not quite a model for all seasons.
Donne on Death
Donne's morbid tendencies were neither unfounded nor without an attendant hope.
Like Father Like Son
The Mather men followed the faith-and career paths-of their fathers.
The Caged Bird Wrote
If only CBS had chosen a true heroine for Black History Month …
Heaven Can't Wait
Mass suicides, like last week's in Uganda, may be a newer tactic, but the temptation to predict, even force, the coming of kingdom bliss is not.
Dietrich's Friend Eberhard
A fellow resister of the Nazis, editor, and biographer dies half a century after his subject and companion.
For Better or Worse
The diaries of a frontier missionary couple reveal starkly differing perspectives.
A Cure for Cliophobia
While not for dummies or complete idiots, a new guide introduces church history to the beginner.
Why December 25?
The month and day of Christ's birth have been hotly disputed for centuries.
For Better or Worse
The Church of England's current wrestling with divorce echoes its inception.
How the Other Half Lived
Chronicling the forgotten gender in the Bible and church history.
In Errancy
Want to know what's wrong with the Western church? Start with a list.
Alternative Religions
Many non- and semi-Christian groups laid claim to the West, but none more successfully than the Mormons.
Before There Was Billy Graham, There Was…
George Whitefield was once the most famous man in America. Historian Thomas Kidd explains why the celebrity evangelist shouldn’t be forgotten.
Roman Lend Me Your Ear
When a bishop rebuked a Christian emperor, who had the final word?
An Ambitious Abolitionist Account
In Tim Stafford's novel Stamp of Glory, the main character is a movement
Olympia Revisited
Christianity and the Olympic Games were once competitors, but at other times have been on the same team.
Mine Eyes Have Seen the Gory
Two historians tell why Christian thought went AWOL during the civil war.
Teach Us to Pray: Learning from Prayer Partners in History
Great figures from church history have much to teach about talking with God.
Out with the Old?
As rumors of Pope John Paul II's retirement circulate, it's worth remembering the story of the last pope to resign

Top Story February 24, 2021

Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
Most ‘Nones’ Still Keep the Faith
When research looks beyond affiliation, the move away from religious institutions becomes more nuanced.

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