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Chasing 'Libertinism'Subscriber Access Only
Critics find the flaws in Chasing Liberty and My Baby's Daddy, and continue to examine current favorites like The Station Agent, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, Cold Mountain, Big Fish, Monster, Radio and To End All Wars.
Responding to Our ReadersSubscriber Access Only
Jeffrey Overstreet addresses reader reactions about profanity in movies—and about his take on the topic.
The 10 Most Redeeming Films of 2004Subscriber Access Only
Saviors were everywhere at the multiplex last year, with everything from superheroes to the Savior himself—all with a story of redemption to share with the world.
Have We Lost Our Minds?Subscriber Access Only
How can CT Movies say good things about films with questionable content—and give poor reviews to "Christian" movies? In this reply, one of our critics gets at the heart of what we're all about.
Movies That Changed My LifeSubscriber Access Only
In an excerpt from his new book, Through a Screen Darkly, CT Movies critic Jeffrey Overstreet tells how certain films opened his eyes wider than ever, enabling him to look closer than ever before.
Watch … and ListenSubscriber Access Only
Three documentaries—highlighting hymns, hillbillies, and African AIDS orphans—bring cultures and conflict to life through music.
The Christians Are Coming!Subscriber Access Only
Christian Frank Peretti hands in less-than-horrifying Hangman's Curse. In The Fighting Temptations and Matchstick Men, a choir director and a con artist clean up their acts, but Christian press critics are more impressed with Lost in Translation. Plus: Reviews of Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, The Order, The Gospel of John, Cabin Fever, Thirteen, and more.
Does Saved! Condemn Christian High Schools?Subscriber Access Only
News comes in on "the most spiritual film of all time," the Best of 2003, and The Passion of The Christ. A pregnant teen is persecuted by gay-hating evangelical Christians in Saved! Religious press critics review The Big Bounce and The Perfect Score, and You Got Served, examine new DVD releases, consider nudity in Calendar Girls, argue over The Butterfly Effect, and highlight themes in Oscar-nominated films.
Evangelical Teens Are the Villains in Saved!Subscriber Access Only
Christian critics respond to the unflattering satire Saved! Plus: Reviews of The Day After Tomorrow, Raising Helen, Soul Plane, and continuing reviews of Shrek 2 and Super Size Me, and Troy, plus a critical look at the way the press handled The Passion of The Christ.
A Famous Feline, a Feminist Farce, and a Futuristic FlopSubscriber Access Only
What Christian critics are saying about Garfield, The Stepford Wives, and The Chronicles of Riddick. Plus more on Harry Potter, Saved!, and To End All Wars.
Mel Gibson Produces "Immoral" FilmSubscriber Access Only
Paparazzi makes a hero out of a photographer-killer. Plus: Vanity Fair, Wicker Park, Danny Deckchair, The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi, The Cookout, and more reviews of Hero and Before Sunset.
Woman, Thou Art a Box Office Hit!Subscriber Access Only
Woman, Thou Art Loosed scores with moviegoers, while Shark Tale flounders, I ♥ Huckabees philosophizes, and Ladder 49 burns brightly. Plus, more reviews of Wimbledon, The Forgotten, Mean Creek, and Silver City.
In Good Company Explores Business EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Opening nationwide next week, the Paul Weitz comedy stars Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansson. We had a chance to catch up with them at a recent press event in L.A.
The World's Biggest-Grossing Star Has Another HitSubscriber Access Only
Critics consider Coach Carter, Racing Stripes, and Elektra, as well as The Merchant of Venice, Bad Education, A Love Song for Bobby Long, and Les Choristes. Plus: More reviews of In Good Company, White Noise, Million Dollar Baby, and Hotel Rwanda.
Hitchhiker's Guide Gets a Thumbs Up ...Sort OfSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics mixed on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy but slam XXX: State of the Union; plus, more perspectives on Dear Frankie, The Interpreter, and Melinda and Melinda.
Star Wars Saga Reaches Its Darth NadirSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics attack, defend Star Wars: Episode III—;Revenge of the Sith, and review Kicking and Screaming, Unleashed, Monster-in-Law, Mindhunters. Plus, more reviews of Kingdom of Heaven and Crash
"Horror Pornography" and a Drug-Abusing GrandmotherSubscriber Access Only
Hostel hurts, Grandma's Boy is wasted, BloodRayne's dead on arrival, The Ringer is OK, and Christian film critics are still considering Brokeback Mountain, Munich, King Kong, Memoirs of a Geisha, and The Gospel.
A Memorable Trip to the Emergency RoomSubscriber Access Only
The Death of Mr. Lazarescu wins year-end raves, but who saw it? Plus, reviews of God Grew Tired of Us, The Hitcher, and additional reviews of Pan's Labyrinth, Miss Potter, Letters from Iwo Jima, The Good German, Thr3e, and Primeval.
The First Official Passion of the Christ Reviews … and 50 First DatesSubscriber Access Only
Moviegoers must wait a few more days for The Passion of the Christ, but the reviews are already coming in. Plus: Mel Gibson talks to PrimeTime, and the Passion debates continue. Meanwhile, Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have 50 First Dates, and one Christian film critic wonders why viewers are ignoring Peter Pan.
Movies with MoralsSubscriber Access Only
Versatile director Danny Boyle, the man behind Millions, has made some inventive films that are quite steeped in stories of morality. But he's a little reluctant to admit it ….

Top Story April 6, 2020

Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Not Even the Gates of a Hellish Pandemic Will Prevail Over God’s Church
Scripture doesn’t promise wealth or health or even life. What, then, does it promise?

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