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A Mother Tries to Prove that Her Son ExistsSubscriber Access Only
Critics mull over The Forgotten, Shaun of the Dead, First Daughter, and the 10th anniversary of The Shawshank Redemption. Plus: More reviews of Sky Captain, Silver City, Mean Creek, and the new Star Wars DVD package.
Is Nicolas Cage a National Treasure?Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics review National Treasure, The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, The Machinist, and more reviews of Kinsey, Finding Neverland, Sideways, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, Woman, Thou Art Loosed, After the Sunset, and Seed of Chucky.
About an AbortionistSubscriber Access Only
Mike Leigh's film Vera Drake impresses religious press with its treatment of a sensitive subject. Plus: The Grudge, Primer, Surviving Christmas, Spin, Stage Beauty, and more reviews of The Final Cut, Thé rèse, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Luther.
Cutting a Rug, Cutting Memories, and Cussing PuppetsSubscriber Access Only
Shall We Dance? has critics smiling, but not quite dancing. Plus: The Final Cut, Team America: World Police, and more reviews of I ♥ Huckabees and Shark Tale.
Duff Raises her Voice, Latifah Drives Her TaxiSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics review Raise Your Voice, Taxi, Friday Night Lights, The Motorcycle Diaries and Bright Young Things; offer more on Monty Python's The Life of Brian, Shark Tale, Ladder 49, and Shaun of the Dead; and take a new look at the significance of Blade Runner.
In Good Company Explores Business EthicsSubscriber Access Only
Opening nationwide next week, the Paul Weitz comedy stars Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace and Scarlett Johansson. We had a chance to catch up with them at a recent press event in L.A.
Family StoriesSubscriber Access Only
Alejandro Iñ árritu, director of Babel, says his films are about families—parents and children, of course, but also the global family … and the consequences of trying to live without God.
Film Forum BonusSubscriber Access Only
Flickerings 2004: An ambitious dialogue about provocative film
Alexander and The Kranks Leave Critics CrankySubscriber Access Only
Alexander's not so great. Christmas with the Kranks makes critics cranky. But A Very Long Engagement dazzles. Plus more reviews of The Polar Express, National Treasure, Finding Neverland and Sideways.
Darkness and LightSubscriber Access Only
The cast and filmmakers of Constantine consider the movie's meaning—for audiences, and for themselves.
Films with ClassSubscriber Access Only
Two thrilling movies about classrooms, students and teachers, guaranteed to stir your soul.
Does Saved! Condemn Christian High Schools?Subscriber Access Only
News comes in on the most spiritual film of all time, the Best of 2003, and The Passion of the Christ. A pregnant teen is persecuted by gay-hating evangelical Christians in Saved! Religious press critics review The Big Bounce and The Perfect Score, and You Got Served, examine new DVD releases, consider nudity in Calendar Girls, argue over The Butterfly Effect, and highlight themes in Oscar-nominated films.
Shrek 2 = Twice the Laughter, Troy Gets By on Achilles' AppealSubscriber Access Only
Christian critics are enchanted by Shrek 2, disenchanted by Troy and Breakin' All the Rules, and not entirely enthusiastic about Coffee and Cigarettes.
A Formula Thriller, a Lousy Sequel, a Remake, and a RevisionSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics review Cellular, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Criminal, and THX 1138: The Director's Cut, What the #$*! Do We Know? Plus: Mean Creek, Paparazzi, Vanity Fair and The Cookout.
Fighting Evil with Evil in Sin CitySubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics say Sin City's flashy, exhausting, empty; and Beauty Shop's no Barbershop. Plus, more reviews of Millions and Melinda and Melinda.
Fear Not the CompassSubscriber Access Only
Many Christians are concerned about the upcoming release of The Golden Compass
Wilberforce Amazes; Film Forum Moves OnSubscriber Access Only
In Film Forum's final week at CT Movies, Jeffrey Overstreet reflects on the column's seven-year run. Plus: Wilberforce's testimony dazzles us in Amazing Grace, but The Astronaut Farmer, The Number 23, and Reno 911: Miami are disappointing.
I, Re-HashSubscriber Access Only
Will Smith's I, Robot is full of summer movie cliché s but lacks Asimov. A Cinderella Story gets bad reviews from all ages. The Door in the Floor leads to mixed reviews. Plus, Napoleon Dynamite, Maria Full of Grace, and Metallica: Some Kind of Monster.
Kinsey Repugnant; Neverland InspiringSubscriber Access Only
Kinsey covers up criminal behavior; Finding Neverland fancies fantasy; Bridget Jones is "bad," After the Sunset is "awful," and Seed of Chucky is "repellent." Plus, more reviews of The Incredibles, The Polar Express, and Sideways.
A Warm & Fuzzy Kevin Smith?Subscriber Access Only
Well, not quite. But the normally crass writer/director toned it down for Jersey Girl, where the young father wears his heart on his sleeve.
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