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Technology: Seminaries Wire for Long-distance LearningSubscriber Access Only
Faith Amid the MuckSubscriber Access Only
Christians struggle with island's latest disaster.
China’s Leaders Critical of ’Clandestine’ MissionsSubscriber Access Only
Urban Outreach: Baptists Transform Kentucky TavernSubscriber Access Only
Quotations to contemplate on dying and eternity.
Experiencing God Crosses OverSubscriber Access Only
Experiencing God Crosses Over
Church Name-Dropping Pays OffSubscriber Access Only
Opportunity DeniedSubscriber Access Only
Florida school vouchers flunked for ties to religion.
Court Guts Porn LawSubscriber Access Only
Activists promote other methods
Creationism: Young-Earth Theory Gains AdvocatesSubscriber Access Only
The Politics of PrayerSubscriber Access Only
The Presidential Prayer Team prays for Bush, Iraq, and more voters.
Living Bible Creator DiesSubscriber Access Only
But Ken Taylor's legacy is even larger.
Evangelical Mainliners Remember Defender of OrthodoxySubscriber Access Only
Diane Knippers was at the heart of mainline renewal movements.
Big ChillSubscriber Access Only
Anti-religion group seeks to block federal funding of Alaska school.
Should Christians Read Through the Entire Bible in One Year?Subscriber Access Only
Thinking about starting back at Genesis 1 this New Year's? Experts weigh in on whether that's the best plan.
Reconciling the World Through Painful StoriesSubscriber Access Only
New network focuses on showing how God heals racial, denominational, and gender divisions.
Y2K Scare Worth It Say AuthorsSubscriber Access Only
Did precautions prepare churches for ministry?
Vacation Bible School WarsSubscriber Access Only
Critics say SBC curriculum about Asia is 'racially offensive.'
Theologian Stan Grenz DiesSubscriber Access Only
Leading advocate of emergent movement mourned.
The Surprise Inside Church BankruptciesSubscriber Access Only
It’s not that they owe more than they own, says Pamela Foohey. It’s a leadership failure.

Top Story June 6, 2020

Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
Biblical, angry, congregational worship can help transform our hearts and churches.

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