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Christmas 'Jars'
New album gently rattles the seasonal genre.
Nicholas Sparks
The author of A Walk to Remember has another novel coming to the big screen: The Notebook, a beautiful love story opening next week.
Of Mice and Lions
Anna Popplewell, who plays Susan in the upcoming Narnia movie, fell in love with Aslan when she first met him as a 7-year-old bookworm. But those mice at the Stone Table? Now that's a different story.
Just Call Him "Sir"
Ken Carter made headlines when he benched his high school basketball team for failing to make the grade, a story told in Coach Carter, opening Friday. We talked to Carter about the film and his journey.
Mormon Rebel
Director Richard Dutcher used to embrace the label "Mormon filmmaker," but no longer. He says most Mormon movies aren't much good, and besides, his films are too edgy for the LDS community.
Yo! Rocky's Back!
Dissatisfied with the way the Rocky franchise ended 16 years ago, Sylvester Stallone has written a new final chapter—one that brings his faith into the picture more than ever. He gives us the scoop.
The Mark of Zoradi
Disney Motion Pictures Group President Mark Zoradi says the company is perhaps more committed to Walt's entertainment values than ever.
Salvation Not Needed
The star of Save Me says ex-gay ministries can do a world of good for its clients, but also believes there's no such thing as "converting" homosexuals to go straight.
Top Ten Monster Movies
In another of our occasional top ten lists, we compiled our favorite creature features of all time.
Top 10 Lists
We're fans of compiling top ten lists around here. Maybe there's something here for you.
A Truly Moving Event
The Heartland Film Festival celebrates movies that inspire—and Hollywood is catching the vision. Meet this year's award winners, and the man who launched it all.
Creating Worship Songs for a Welcoming Community
Isaac Wardell’s latest collaborative project, The Porter’s Gate, marks a change from Bifrost Arts.
Is Rolling Stone Afraid of the Bible?
The magazine is suddenly squeamish of religion. At least in one case.
The Sound of Music
French director—and music lover—Christophe Barratier helmed his country's No. 1 movie last year, Les Choristes. Now that it's coming to the U.S., we chatted with Barratier about his film.
Moses Parts the Red C(GI)
An all-new computer-animated version of The Ten Commandments releases this week, and the production company's founders plan 11 more Bible epic movies.
A Fantastic Role
Ioan Gruffudd, best known for his role as the leader of The Fantastic Four, reprises a bit of history with his latest part, as the Christian abolitionist William Wilberforce in the new film, Amazing Grace.
No More Smut Editors?
A federal judge has ruled that it's illegal for companies to "sanitize" videos by editing objectionable content. And in principle, I tend to agree.
You Reviewed WHAT??
Our recent review of Sex and the City prompted some strong reactions from readers. Here's why we reviewed it—and many other "objectionable" films.
Rising from the Valley of Death
Steven Curtis Chapman opens up about losing his daughter, their family's arduous journey, and a new album of songs chronicling the path of pain and hope.
CleanFlicks Fights Back
Man arrested for sex with a 14-year-old girl claimed ties to DVD rental company, but CleanFlicks denies any connection.

Top Story September 25, 2020

Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.

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