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Balancing Civility and Religion
The nation's public sociologist looks at America's religious diversity.
Religion and Reconstruction
How Christians failed following the Civil War.
Calvin's Battle for Marriage
Studying Geneva's sexual reformation has lessons for today.
What Happened to Religion in Canada?
How our neighbor to the north lost its faith.
The Doctrine Doctor
Jaroslav Pelikan has written a history of the Christian tradition on a scale no one else has attempted in the twentieth century.
Where Would Civilization Be Without Christianity? The Gift of Humility
Christianity has made a difference by surrounding the use of power with humility
America's Growing Asian Churches
A new book offers ministry insights for their unique challenges.
Scandal? (continued from previous article)
America's Battle Against the Bottle
Evangelical support of temperance is no cause for embarrassment in our intemperate society.
Beneath the Orange and Green
A survey shows Northern Ireland's hope lies in its churchgoers.
Searching for Cultural Authority
Neither nature nor experience are sufficient to interpret reality, writes Roger Lundin.
We would be deluding ourselves if we thought that evangelical thinking in our day has progressed very far.
The Jesus of Africa
Contemporary African Christologies are rich and varied.
Quick reviews of new books.
How Christianity Shaped the Modern World
Too often maligned, the faith has contributed much to our culture.

Top Story October 29, 2020

Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
Your Preaching Is Not God’s Work. You Are God’s Work.
How inner transformation shapes outward proclamation.

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