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A Box Office Exodus?Subscriber Access Only
The animated Ten Commandments didn't draw much of a crowd to the cineplex, but the company behind the movie is optimistic about its future Bible films.
Top Ten Jesus MoviesSubscriber Access Only
They've been making films about the Son of God for over a century. Here's one man's list of those that ascend to the top of the cinematic pack.
'Times are Very Dark'Subscriber Access Only
Director John Moore, a self-professed "lapsed Catholic," says the time is right for a remake of The Omen, which he calls "an emboldened reaffirmation of the existence of God."
On Fire at Jesus CampSubscriber Access Only
A new documentary depicts charismatic kids who are articulate and take faith seriously. But have they been "indoctrinated"? Is it a fair representation of evangelicals? Or too political? We asked the directors.
Still GrowingSubscriber Access Only
Kirk Cameron, best known as a teen idol in Growing Pains, has been in a lot of Christian movies lately—including Fireproof, from the makers of Facing the Giants.
Luther, Luther, Luther!Subscriber Access Only
Comparing three cinematic versions of the life of the great Reformer, including the 2003 edition, which releases to video today.
Christian Filmmakers Flock to End-times FeaturesSubscriber Access Only
Bestseller Left Behind is slated for the big screen
Nostalgia for Tomorrow's Simple FunSubscriber Access Only
Christian film critics review Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Mr. 3000 and Wimbledon. Plus: Silver City, A Dirty Shame, Cellular, What the Bleep Do We Know?, a philosophical look at The Passion, Disney's new video The Three Musketeers, and Star Wars creator George Lucas's stubborn artistic pride.
Low Budget, Big SuccessSubscriber Access Only
Cory Edwards, director of the surprise hit Hoodwinked, knows how to make a good movie with limited resources. He's also a Christian … but don't look for a blatant evangelistic message in his flicks.
From Temptation to The CodeSubscriber Access Only
In 1988, Christians picketed theaters that showed The Last Temptation of Christ. Today, they're trying to find ways to "engage" a new controversial movie—The Da Vinci Code.
Billy Graham, FilmmakerSubscriber Access Only
World Wide Pictures was a major part of the evangelist’s ministry.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (1979)Subscriber Access Only
WhenThe Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe opens on December 9, it'll be Aslan's first trip to the big screen—but not to the small one. A closer look at earlier Narnia renditions
Swept Away by DeMilleSubscriber Access Only
Since seeing The Ten Commandments as a young girl, Katherine Orrison has been a fan of the film and director Cecil B. DeMille, even writing a book about the making of the movie. Today, she provides commentary on a special new DVD release of the classic.
Hollywood? No, SHER-wood!Subscriber Access Only
How Sherwood Baptist Church became a hot spot for making Christian movies—including Facing the Giants and the upcoming Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron.
My Favorite Films of 1999Subscriber Access Only
Mr. VersatileSubscriber Access Only
Dennis Quaid has played all sorts of roles, including recent family films like the brand-new Yours, Mine & Ours. Here, he identifies himself as a Christian, but also a "spiritual seeker."
Ben Stein Is Expelled!Subscriber Access Only
The TV and movie personality takes on Darwinism and evolution in a new documentary about Intelligent Design—and academic freedom.
Moses Parts the Red C(GI)Subscriber Access Only
An all-new computer-animated version of The Ten Commandments releases this week, and the production company's founders plan 11 more Bible epic movies.
Saints, Sinners, and SalvationSubscriber Access Only
The Terminator franchise—including the new Terminator Salvation—is full of religious imagery, much of it ultimately embracing hope for mankind.
Kingdom ComeSubscriber Access Only
Director Sir Ridley Scott, a self-described agnostic, and leading man Orlando Bloom, discuss their new film about the Crusades, Kingdom of Heaven, opening in theaters Friday
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
Churches may someday lose their tax-exempt status. Would that be as bad as it sounds?
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