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ARTICLE: Unwrapping JesusSubscriber Access Only
My top ten surprises.
Forgetting GodSubscriber Access Only
Why decadence drives out discipline.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey:My To-Be ListSubscriber Access Only
What I learned from a 50-year spiritual checkup.
’To Rise, It Stoops’Subscriber Access Only
How parenting mirrors the character of God.
Hallelujah!Subscriber Access Only
On a memorable London night, the bright and glistening theology of Messiah broke through my jet-lagged consciousness.
Exploring a Parallel UniverseSubscriber Access Only
Why does the word evangelical threaten so many people in our culture?
The God Who Can't Be Tamed
Could we be losing more than the land when we destroy it?
God Behind Barbed WireSubscriber Access Only
How a Nazi-soldier-turned-theologian found hope.
A Quirky and Vibrant MosaicSubscriber Access Only
Evangelicals are admired, mocked, praised, scorned—and all for good reason.
When the Facts Don't Add Up
A just, loving, and powerful God should follow certain rules, shouldn't he?
The Back Page | Philip Yancey: Lessons from Rock BottomSubscriber Access Only
The church can learn about grace from the recovery movement.
Doubting the DoomsayersSubscriber Access Only
Thank God not everything they say is true.
Forgetting GodSubscriber Access Only
Why decadence drives out discipline.
The Back Page | Philip Yancey:Would Jesus Worship Here?Subscriber Access Only
Across the world, God moves in mysterious ways.
Schaeffer on Schaeffer, Part I: A Compassionate CriticSubscriber Access Only
Guilt Good and Bad
The early warning signs.
Fat Cells in the Body: Issues of LoyaltySubscriber Access Only
The Bible Jesus ReadSubscriber Access Only
Without the Old Testament we don't properly understand God.
Easter SundaySubscriber Access Only
Part four of The Great Reversal, a CT Classic article
Humility's Many FacesSubscriber Access Only
Everyone I've looked up to has shared one trait.

Top Story July 6, 2020

Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
Welcome to Christian Camps’ Weirdest, Hardest Summer
More than a hundred sites have called off their peak season, while others reduced and reimagined their staple programs.

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