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TBN Under the Microscope
Newspaper investigates Christian network over sex charges, spending.
A Halloween Solution
Announcing a new line of costumes.
Giving Patterns Reveal Increasing Focus on Those 'Worthy' of Compassion
Charities must now frame issues so that donors believe they are giving to innocent victims.
Protestants Laud Pope for Ecumenical, Social Stands
He was 'unquestionably the most influential voice for morality and peace in the world during the last 100 years,' says Billy Graham.
Anglicans Sanction Episcopalians Over Gay Bishop, Gay Unions
U.S. and Canada churches asked to "voluntarily withdraw" from panel.
ECFA Faces Scrutiny Over Harvest Investigation
The delayed penalties for James MacDonald’s church have some evangelicals challenging the financial watchdog’s role and others defending it.
… And Orthodox Division
Greek Orthodox prepare for contentious assembly in New York.
State Department Adds Saudi Arabia to 'Worst of Worst' Persecutors List
Eritrea and Vietnam also added as countries of particular concern after years of pressure.
Racially Diverse Faith Coalitions Oppose Gay Marriage, Tackle Other Issues
Invigorated by the election, African-American and Hispanic leaders are reaching out on a range of political fronts.
FCC Reverses Religious Programming Limits
Ariel Sharon: Mideast Peace Process Is Dead
Land of Israel promised by God only to the Jews, opposition leader tells Christian group.
Methodist Rulings Reinforce Traditional Church Policy on Homosexuality
Beth Stroud's conviction upheld; Judicial Council says homosexuals have no automatic right to church membership.
U.S. Churches' Recognition of Independence Day Varies Widely
Patriotism takes center stage at some worship services, but others wary of "religifying" America.
Supreme Court Rulings on Ten Commandments Leave Wake of Confusion
Groups announce plans to create new monuments as court refuses to hear more about such displays.
Africa: Can Christianity and Islam Coexist and Prosper?
Presbyterian Church (USA): No Actively Gay Pastors
Close vote at July General Assembly maintains sexuality standards.
Report Rebukes Episcopalians for Disunity but Declines Sanctions
U.S. church in limbo as conservative dissidents mull their options.
Orthodox Leaders Closer to Unity
Court Upholds Good Friday Laws
Schools OK Decalogue Book Covers

Top Story January 21, 2021

Two Pastors Join SBC President Race
Two Pastors Join SBC President Race
One is known for his involvement in racial reconciliation efforts, and the other is a founding member of the anti-“woke” Conservative Baptist Network.

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