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Enrollment Booming at Christian CollegesSubscriber Access Only
Churches Fight Overseas Child LaborSubscriber Access Only
Racial Reconciliation Emphasis IntensifiedSubscriber Access Only
Bethel Fraud Suit DismissedSubscriber Access Only
Voucher Victory
School-choice advocates win in Wisconsin, but can the movement gain momentum?
Amassed Media: Evolution Wars
What Christian and mainstream presses are saying about the origins debate and its history.
Amassed Media: God Bless America's Candidates
What the religious and mainstream presses are saying about religion on the campaign trail and other issues
Amassed Media: Hooray for Holywood
A continuing look at important issuances from the Christian and mainstream press.
Go Figure
Recent quotes on sex ed., church receptionists, and Bible stories.
The Church in Absentia
Membership in the Church of Scotland has dropped 22 percent—is that enough?
Quotation Marks
Recent quotes on unborn children's pain, literary Jenkins, and Dan Brown's scruples.
Quotation Marks
Recent comments on fetus life, abortion rights, and CCM piracy.
Quotation Marks
Recent comments on Iraqi religious freedom and Kevin Smith on The Passion.
Go Figure
Recent stats on divorce, Islam and violence, and horoscopes vs. the Bible.
12 Injured in Attack on Pakistan Bible SocietySubscriber Access Only
Plus: Buddhists burn another church in Sri Lanka, some conservative Christians are nonplussed by Bush's marriage initiative, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Suspect Nabbed in Pakistan Car BombingSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Sri Lanka church burned before Sunday services.
New Kids on the BlogSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Links to a record-breaking 429 religion stories on gay marriage in Massachusetts, San Francisco, and the Church of England, a Ten Commandments resurgence, The Passion of The Christ, and even a few topics Weblog hasn't beat to death already.
Bush Endorses Federal Marriage AmendmentSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Are gays going back into the closet? And many other articles on gay marriage and related topics.

Top Story April 9, 2020

What Matters Is That We Remember
What Matters Is That We Remember
Jesus’ last Passover was our first Communion.

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