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Baby Boomers for HireSubscriber Access Only
Sell-out audience crowds first-time missions recruitment event.
Swedish Church State SeparateSubscriber Access Only
Official run ends after nearly 500 years
Supreme Court Clouds Church-State RulesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Didja hear Mel Gibson made a movie about Jesus? And many, many other stories from online sources around the world.
On First Day of Legal Gay Marriages, Opponents Take a Moment of SilenceSubscriber Access Only
Opponents of gay marriage will largely sit out protests today, and urge others not to vilify homosexuals.
Roy Moore Makes His Case to the U.S. SenateSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Wheaton College's Billy Graham Center catches fire, archbishops bet on NBA finals, Ala. school board retracts conservative Christian mandate, U.S. considers more debt relief, and other stories from online news sources around the world.
Against AbstinenceSubscriber Access Only
What a South Dakota State Library debate pitting Christianity Today against Planned Parenthood reveals about the sexual left.
Britain Starts CloningSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Who's going to New York, the next big movie controversy, the fundamentalist press, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Catholic Bishops Embrace Ecumenical Group, Reject Bible MeasureSubscriber Access Only
Plus: The most inaccurate Christmas song ever, protecting kids from their evil, murderous parents, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Can Calling Someone a Hate Criminal Be a Hate Crime?Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Canada's National Post laments anti-Christian bigotry, Catholics and Protestants unite for Ash Wednesday services, and other religion news stories.
Lutherans Organize Opposition to Historic EpiscopateSubscriber Access Only
Plus: New House chaplain says 'move on,' Canada's Uniting Church moves against official Lord's Prayer, and sports collides with religion.
Wheaton College Crusaders No MoreSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Triumphant China continues persecution, Sudan halts bombing, and other important and interesting religion news from sources around the world.
Jesus Returns in FloridaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: ads will air on Jesus after all, political church will stay taxed, and links to other stories from the mainstream press.
No Gay Unions in Presbyterian ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Focus puts the pressure on Procter & Gamble, and the fight to ban partial-birth abortions continues.
Bush Meets With Clergy to Discuss Faith-Based InitiativesSubscriber Access Only
Plus more stories from mainstream media sources around the world.
Quotation MarksSubscriber Access Only
Recent comments on Intelligent Design, church architecture, and the term evangelical.
Go FigureSubscriber Access Only
Recent statistics on 100 years of Gideon Bibles, charismatic Catholics, and other subjects.
Go FigureSubscriber Access Only
Widows who tithe, Southern Baptists who speak in tongues, and other news numbers.
Lutheran, Catholic, and Black Churches Join Graham EffortSubscriber Access Only
Crusade's final event draws 95,000.
Orthodox U.S. Anglicans Plan to 'Reclaim the Episcopal Church' Through New NetworkSubscriber Access Only
Plus: More than $1.5 billion served to Salvation Army, Kenya's churches offer alternative constitution, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Bush Campaign Seeks 'Friendly Congregations'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Canadian Anglicans put off vote on gay marriages, George Beverly Shea leaves hospital after heart attack, Eisenhower's 'crusade' omitted, and other stories from online sources around the world.
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
The Quiet Liturgy of Fred Rogers
‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’ taught us to love—not fear—our neighbor.
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