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Jerusalem's Living StonesSubscriber Access Only
Will Christianity's oldest church survive the peace process?
Religion Leaders Cautious After TalksSubscriber Access Only
Religion Leaders Cautious After Talks
China's Dynamic ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Eyewitness reports of repression and revival.
Healing GenocideSubscriber Access Only
Ten years after the slaughter, Rwandans begin to mend their torn nation with a justice that is both biblical and African.
China Arrests Dozens of Prominent ChristiansSubscriber Access Only
At least 50 detained in fresh crackdown on house churches, reportedly promoted by new video and book releases.
'Sexual Revolution,' AIDS, and the African ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Speeds Spread of HIV Among Africans
Baylor ShowdownSubscriber Access Only
Provost fired. Faculty question school's direction.
Why We're Losing the War Against HIV/AIDSSubscriber Access Only
Harvard's Edward C. Green says health officials undermine abstinence and fidelity programs in Africa.
Why Muslims Are Becoming the Best EvangelistsSubscriber Access Only
Missiologist Dave Garrison documents global surge in Muslims leading Muslims to Christ. He calls it, “Unprecedented.”
Court Voids Holiday Exemption LawSubscriber Access Only
Firebombs Threaten Messianic JewsSubscriber Access Only
Balkan evangelicals feel strain of ethnic cleansing.
Have We Become Too Busy With Death?Subscriber Access Only
As 4,900 people die each day from AIDS, African Christians ask themselves:
Be the ChangeSubscriber Access Only
How Christianity Today covered a busy hurricane season before Wilma.
Reporting Eye to EyeSubscriber Access Only
The Holy Land has always been treacherous.
Genocide and GraceSubscriber Access Only
Three survivor stories that foster healing.
After the Aloha ShirtsSubscriber Access Only
Retooling Saddleback's international work and hosting a presidential forum serve a common purpose, says Rick Warren.
From Informant to InformerSubscriber Access Only
The "son of Hamas" senses God in his life before coming to Christ.
Sailing into the Storm: Philip Ryken and D. Michael Lindsay on the Challenges in Christian Higher EducationSubscriber Access Only
College presidents discuss the relevance of Christian higher education, the theological issues facing Christian universities, and more.
Brother Andrew's Prophetic Plea: Stop Murdering TerroristsSubscriber Access Only
Support the suffering church, Open Doors founder says.

Top Story August 6, 2020

12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
Evangelical leaders describe the damage, how Christians are helping, and the need for a hope beyond politics.

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