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In Perspective: Who Are the Raëlians?
A UFO sect that runs a space amusement park and hosts sex conferences now claims it has cloned humans. But why?
Taking Slackers to Task
Teen twins Alex and Brett Harris call their peers to something more.
Aliens Among Us
ABC's 'V' is a probing look at culture and the need for discernment, says the show's executive producer.
Born to Be a Princess
Amy Adams grew up loving all of Disney's movie princesses, so it's fitting that she's playing the latest one in Enchanted. We talked with Adams and others about the film.
'The More You Preach, the Fewer You Reach'
So it goes for Christians in the movie industry, says VeggieTales creator and founder Phil Vischer, whose new film, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, opens this week.
One Scary Performance
Jennifer Carpenter, who plays the title character in The Exorcism of Emily Rose, is so convincing in her role that colleagues on the set nervously joked that maybe she really was possessed. (She isn't.)
Top Ten Movie Robots of All Time
They walk, they talk, they work on moisture farms, they hunt Sarah Connor. And sometimes they're eerily human-like. Our critic (and robot nerd) compiles his list of favorites.
The Second Greatest Story Ever Told
How that fictional galaxy far, far away helped me better understand the very real galaxy that I live in right here, right now—and the God who created it.

Top Story March 7, 2021

Why It Feels So Disappointing to Sing to the Lord a Remote Song
Why It Feels So Disappointing to Sing to the Lord a Remote Song
Lessons from a year without corporate worship.

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