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Alliance Targets Sex Trafficking
Religious Freedom Panel in Place
Intelligent Design: Searching for a Blueprint
Discovery Institute reshapes the orgins debate.
Sudan: Mixing Oil and Blood
Sudan's 'slaughter of the innocents' toughens religious freedom coalition.
Stopping Genocide—Again
Ethnic bloodshed in Sudan's Darfur region remains the top crisis for U.N. ambassador John Bolton.
Jack Kelley Urged to Pursue Counseling
'A broken man' turns to Christian colleagues for support.
Gary Bauer Can't Go Home Again
Internal survey at Family Research Council says 'partisan' leader unwelcome.
Sudan: Relief Operations Endangered
Rebel demands cause agencies to curtail efforts.
Victims and pundits grope for meaning, political and religious.
A Look Of Love
Persecuted priest's smile planted faith in a Chinese activist.
Indonesian Christians in NYC Gather Money, Pray for Spiritual Healing
Church thankful that few friends and family were in worst-hit areas.
New ERA: New Era's Bennett Pleads 'No Contest' to Fraud
Asia: Christian Women Combat Sex Trafficking
Christian women lead girls out of sexual bondage.
The Torture Victim Next Door
Hidden victims of religious persecution find refuge in America.
Saving Conservatives’ Honor
Gary Bauer is out of the presidential race, but not the campaign.
How to Change China
Christian business leaders preach economic engagement to expedite reform. But others are leery.
Trade: Freer Trade, Freer Faith?
The unexpected support of house-church leaders helps turn the tide in the China trade debate, but Christians remain divided.
U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom to Resign
Robert Seiple stepping down to form think tank at Eastern College.
The Burning Bush from Texas
The spiritual journey of George W. Bush starts in hardscrabble west Texas. Will the White House be his next stop?

Top Story January 21, 2021

Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Immigration Ministries Praise Biden’s Day One Priority
Proposed legislation would give 11 million a path to citizenship and prioritize keeping families together.

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