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Why I Boycotted Amazon This Week
When it comes to how-to books for pedophiles, defending the defenseless is more important than defending free speech.
The Argument for Girl-Boy Wrestling
Joel Northrup cited his Christian faith for refusing to wrestle Cassy Herkelman in last week's Iowa state championship. I say his Christian faith should have taken him to the mat.
Burqa Watching in Great America
Some Muslim American women say wearing the burqa keeps others from objectifying them. But must women hide their bodies to be taken seriously?
Pregnant Olympians Are Not 'Selfish'
Women like Kristie Moore show that parenting well and taking healthy risks are not mutually exclusive—especially when taking risks means obeying God.
What a Father Remembers
Sometimes the most meaningful moments get lost in the busyness of life.
When Gender-Based Parenting Goes Too Far
A review of Glenn Stanton's 'Secure Daughters, Confident Sons: How Parents Guide Their Children into Authentic Masculinity and Femininity'.
It's Mother's Day, Not Motherhood Day
When churches confuse the two, women can end up serving false (and unbiblical) expectations.
Why Should the Devil Get Halloween?
The holiday, one of my favorites, reminds me why I became a Christian in the first place.

Top Story September 25, 2020

Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
Our Personal Scars Can Help Others Heal
There are four marks of wounded healers.

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