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Muslim Group Issues fatwa on Author of Gay Play about Christ
Defenders of the Messenger Jesus also castigates Christians for not protesting Corpus Christi
Anglican Report Urges End to Ban on Church Weddings for Divorcees
But not all second weddings will be allowed; Church says Prince Charles out of luc
Girl Guides Earn a Badge in Condom Use?
British counterpart of the Girl Scouts promotes new values in the U.K.
Lord's Prayer a Musical Hit in United Kingdom
Cliff Richard's rejected recording reaches number one
In England Many More Church Spires Will Be Home to Mobile Phone Antennae
"One quarter of Church of England parishes want to host towers, while some leaders wonder about risks."
U.K. Churches Bring Prayers and Help as Foot-and-Mouth Devastates Farms
"Christians at forefront of relief effort, but also asking how outbreak could have been prevented."
Survey points to 'growing concern' about violence against British clergy
Clergy homes are often clearly marked making them targets for violence.
Unless Jesus Says Otherwise Hell Exists Asserts Evangelical Report
British group acknowledges differences on annihilationism, but says doctrine of hell must be preached again.
Church Attacks Increasing in the U.K.
Insurance figures show attacks on church workers and property are growing.
Great Britain: Human Embryo Cloning Legalized
Religious leaders' protests go unheeded by lawmakers
God's Kingdom 'Is Grinding to a Halt Under Consultations and Meetings'
"Mission at risk, says senior bishop in Church of England"
And Now a Web Site to Help You Reflect on Your Sins
UK Christian radio station's 'reflective' site already a hit.
Vatican: Protestants Not 'Sister Churches'
Vatican official proclaims Protestant churches not sister churches to the Roman Catholic faith.
Debate Continues on Incorporating Animal Sacrifices in Worship
Some Christians warn that African rituals to honor ancestors could subvert the Gospel message.
Pastors Aim to Sink Battleships
Twenty clergy are arrested at protest over Britain's Trident submarines.
Lord's Prayer a Musical Hit in United Kingdom
Cliff Richard's rejected recording reaches number one
Jubilee 2000 Will Disband as Planned But Its Work Will Continue
The world will never be the same again.
Can Choir Outreach Sustain the Song?
Cathedral choristers begin singing in schools to stir new interest in an English church tradition.
Row over Irish Prime Minister's Cancelled Visit to Shrine
MP resigns, but says it was his duty to warn the prime minister of possible violence after sectarian football match.
Churches Told to Tackle 'Outrage' of Trafficking in Women
Eastern European women now 'fashion' in trafficked women

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How Culture Shapes Sermons
How Culture Shapes Sermons
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