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Three Theological Reasons Why We Can't Afford Not to Pray for Each Other
Classic doctrines that show us why we must intercede for Christians who are struggling with sin.
No-Sweat Sermons? No Thanks.
Many tools offer to make preaching prep easier, but struggle is the point.
Who Needs to Hear Proverbs 31 the Most?
The ‘wife of noble character’ is rarely applied to whom it was meant to describe.
Magi, Wise Men, or Kings? It’s Complicated.Subscriber Access Only
Christian tradition finds meaning in each of these mysterious monikers.
Jesus Died to Redeem Our SleepSubscriber Access Only
How our sinful struggle with sleep became a righteous rest.
God Hates Abuse
There’s more to the scriptural picture behind “I hate divorce.”
Keeping Satan’s Fingerprints Off of Your Marriage
Why husbands and wives need to suit up for spiritual war.
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
The Hidden Cost of Tax Exemption
Churches may someday lose their tax-exempt status. Would that be as bad as it sounds?
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