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Top Ten Reasons to Know Christian HistorySubscriber Access Only
War reports deluge us every hour. Why should we read old news?
"Christian History Corner: J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis, a Legendary Friendship"Subscriber Access Only
A new book reveals how these two famous friends conspired to bring myth and legend—and Truth—to modern readers
Romanticism Gone to Seed—Part IISubscriber Access Only
Have the holiness and Pentecostal movements really been hyper-vertical and anti-domestic?
Saint J. R. R. the EvangelistSubscriber Access Only
Tolkien wanted his Lord of the Rings to echo the Lord of Lords—but do we have ears to hear?
Top Ten 'Starter Books'Subscriber Access Only
Get rooted in the Christian past with these riveting reads of primary sources
The Ten Commandments, How Deep Our DebtSubscriber Access Only
The words of the Decalogue run like a river through not only the church but also English and American history.
For All the SaintsSubscriber Access Only
A new book reminds us to get our heads and hearts together, in the company of the "cloud of witnesses."
Aimee Semple McPhersonSubscriber Access Only
The Pact of UmarSubscriber Access Only
Islamic protection came with a price.
The Amazingly Graced Life of John NewtonSubscriber Access Only
His was a tale of two lives, with God at the pivot point.
From Oratorios to ElvisSubscriber Access Only
Pop culture has been coming to a church near you for hundreds of years.
Just a Closer Walk … with the Historical JesusSubscriber Access Only
Mel Gibson's movie raises again the question: How much can we know historically about Jesus' life and times?
When World Leaders PraySubscriber Access Only
Some observers are upset with Tony Blair's recent public avowal of faith. But what impact has Christianity really had on our leaders?
Do Nigerian Miracle Ministries Discredit the Faith?Subscriber Access Only
The spiritual dynamism of West African Christianity is now well known even in the West. Do credulity-stretching, highly publicized miracles discredit what God is doing in that region?
The Monks Did ItSubscriber Access Only
If we move beyond a piecemeal approach to medieval Christianity, we can mine the rich vein of its spiritual, intellectual, and practical resources.
From Oratorios to ElvisSubscriber Access Only
Pop culture has been coming to a church near you for hundreds of years
Holy America, Phoebe!Subscriber Access Only
It swept across church lines, transforming America's urban landscape with its rescue missions and storefront churches. Yet today, the holiness movement and its charismatic woman leader are all but forgotten.
Why Do Postmoderns Need Saints?Subscriber Access Only
Sometimes we just need to hear stories.
To Spank or Not to Spank?Subscriber Access Only
A 6th-century abbot and a group of 17th-century Calvinist divines weigh in on the issue
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