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Rally Round the Flag
America may not be God's chosen nation, but it does have a mission that churches can support
Is Patriotism Dead?
The day that patriotism ceases, that day we will have ceased to be a people.
The Interfaith Public Square
"Stand up, stand up for Jesus at civic events."
A Preventable Tragedy
Evangelicals must not pretend to be immune to sexual sin by clergy or volunteers
Give Us Liberty
Secular educators have it backward: faith statements promote academic freedom
Muslim Phobic No More
Verbal attacks on Islam sabotage evangelism.
Evangelism Antagonism
Sharing the Good News is not a hate crime
Weapons of the Spirit
"Regardless of their positions on Iraq, Christians have much they can do"
Vanity Watch
We can do better than merely mirror the naïveté of our enemies
Souls on Ice
The costs of in vitro fertilization are moral and spiritual—not just financial
A Strategy for Progress
"Unless prevention of HIV/AIDS becomes a clear priority, things will get worse"
Take Back Your Sabbath
"Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers"
God Reigns-Even in Alabama
Let's not make the Commandments into a graven image
'The Longest Hatred'
Evangelicals must fight the resurgence of anti-Semitism.
One Nation Under God—Sort of
We've got bigger problems than the Pledge of Allegiance.
Clean Air for Ears
The FCC has rejoined the war against indecency.
Never Again?
Genocide in Sudan tests our commitment to justice.
Confronting Sudan
Western Christians and governments should press Khartoum on multiple fronts.
A Lexicon of Death
In one decision, a British judge undermined two established values of Western Civilization.
Shaking Hands with Thugs
Sometimes setting aside human rights is the way to ensure their ultimate victory.

Top Story September 23, 2020

Marilynne Robinson’s Latest Novel Probes Predestination and Grace
Marilynne Robinson’s Latest Novel Probes the Mysteries of Predestination and Grace
Jack Boughton, the wayward pastor’s son, is a central character. So is Jesus.

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